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Environment Protection in Action

Environment Protection in Action

List of Environmental Report:

List of Environmental Topics:

Environmental Performance Index:

USA Environ Govt Agency:

Environmental Portal by Wikipedia: Great Initiative by Wikipedia:
List of Environmental Issues:
Ecology Portal:
Earth and Science Protal:
Sustainable Development Portal:
Sustainable Energy:
Sustaiable Living:
List of Sustainability topics:
Bio-Physical Environment:
Environmental Ethics:

Environmental Technology:

Energy Portal:

Renewable Energy Portal;

Some useful videos:

Environmental Education for Children:

Science of Environmental Pollution:

Water Pollution:
Animated Water pollution video.


Waste Management:

Municipal solid waste management:

Electronic i.e. E-Waste Recycling:

Single Stream Recycling:

Recycling case story:

Solar Energy:

Solar Power Evolution:
Solar Power in operations: 30 seconds movie:
How solar water heater works?:
How solar energy is stored?:

For Office EnvironmentalTips:

Environmental Protection Acts:

Environmental Laws:

Environmental Laws by Countries: Great initiative by Wikipedia: Great work:

World Green:


US EPA: One of the most comprehensive:
USEPA by sectors:
USEPA by Regulatory Topics:
USEPA Compliance:
USEPA Enforcement:
Data and Results:
Clean Air Act:
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act:
Safe Drinking Water Act:
Environmental Impact Assessment:
Environmental Policy USA:

Environment Protection Act:
Nucelar Power Plant:


Country wise lists of EPL:

Environmental Other Topics:

Environmental Laws:

Series of lectures loaded by University of Berkley on YouTube:
28 lectures for this Course:
Nice Initiative, as I always feel knowledge should be free of cost, then only we'll be able to go to Moon, Mars, and beyond our galaxies:
Thanks Madam, Instructor Holly Doremus. Great Efforts.

UB might even issue certificates if students who listen to this, passes their e-exams, if they conduct online.

Environmental Economics and Policy: Course by UB: 29 hours:

Environmental Justice for all:

Common issues in Labour and Environmental Justice: University of California TV:

How to servive storm?: Nice efforts:

Environmental Education: White House Summit: UCLA:

Lecture on Greening Ecology and Innovation:

Greening an Exporting Germany: GABA:

Environmental Journals Worldwide:

List of Environmental Agreements around the world:

Environment Engineering Law:

Going Against Environment?: Please Think again:


Interdisciplinary approach to Environment: 4 minutes video:

Environmental Protection and Management by various organisations/ agencies/ bodies/ tribunals:

Government of India:

Environmental Organisations around the world:
What is it?

Environmental Social Sciences: Great initiative by wikipedia:

List of Environmental Issues: Great initiative by wikipedia:

List of Environmental and Sustainability topics and articles:

List of Environmental Degree Granting Institute/ Universities:

List of Environmental Studies Topics:


Ecology Movement:

Ecological Humanites: Great initiative:

Traditional Environmental Knowledge: Great initiative to collect it before this knowledge dies:

Environmental Impact of Transportation:
It's Mitigation:
Vehicle Recycling:

Sustainable Transport:

Environmental Impact of Biodiesel:
Sustainable Biodiesel:
Issues with Biodiesel:

Renewable Energy:


Global Warming:
Global Warming Solutions: Nice Initiative by NGC:
Global Warming Effect Map: With Interactive feature by NGC: Nice one:

Climate Change Science:

Fourth Revolution: Energy:

The Great Energy Challenge: Quizes a nice initiative by NGC:

Personal Energy Meter:

Subsidies in Energy: Global Map:

Green Guide by NGC:
Global electricity outlook:
Reducing and Recycling:
Green Energy:
Environment Friendly Appliances:

Saving FUEL While Driving:
FUEL Economy:
Cold weather driving:

India Energy Mix: Power Generation by Coal, Nuclear, etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Public Transport:

Coal Export increase in USA: Photograph Norflok Virginia Port and Trains bringing coal and article:

Interactive sites:
Wind Power: How Wind Mill works?:
Calculate Energy Output: Nice one for children:
Solar Energy: How it works?:
Green House Effect: What is it?

Where woould Energy Come From in FUTURE?:

Scrap Paper Recycling:
Plastic Recycle:

No more Cheapest Oil:

Added on request and URL given by one Environmentalist: Videos of Famous Environmentalist Dr. Sundarlal Bahuguna:
About him:
His actual work on Videos:


List of Environmental Conservation and Organisations having prominance around the world:

Environmental Institutes and Universities:

Sustainable Forest Management:


Environmental Green Technologies:
Renewable Energy:

List of Environmental Websites:

Human Impact on Environment:

Green Politics:

Free Market Environmentalism:

Environmental Reports and Publications:

Environment Friendly:

Environmental Journals:
Scholarly Journals:

Environmental Media and Services:

USA Based Environ Org:

Forestry Journals:
Oldest Journal:

Academic Journals:

Some more videos:

Sewer fats used for generating energy: The Guardian:

Some more slide shows:

Delhi and waste management:

Challenge of PFTBA:

Some good interactive sessions on NGC on Environmental issues:

Protect Glasgow initiative:

2014 Results: 2014 EPI Results:

Delhi has no forests in it's plan:

Technologies developed from Trash:
Drone: Developed by Bolivian Scientist:

coming more.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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