Monday, December 01, 2008

Poems: Some Classical

Poems: Some Classical :

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Children Poems: Nursery Rhymes, etc.:

1. Daffodils: William Wordsworth:

2. Mary Had a little lamb:

3. Happy Birth Day:

4. Jingle Bell:

5. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star:

6. Old McDonald had a farm:

7. If you are happy:

8. Humpty Dumpty:

9. Jack and Jill:

10. Ding Dong Bell:

11. Jingle Bell:

12. A, B, C, D Alphabet Song:

13. Ba Ba Black Sheep:

14. Wheel on the Bus:

15. Going to the ZOO:

16. Five Little Monkeys:

17. Chrismas Song:


coming more from top poets in the world.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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