Thursday, December 04, 2008

In peace everyone survives, otherwise everyone dies (poem)

In peace everyone survives, otherwise everyone dies (poem)
In Mahabharata War only few survived,
In Second World War millions of people died,
In Corporate wars many organisations lost their existence,
In family wars lot of family are not even seen today,
In individual wars, many people die,
In every violence some one loses its some thing to every thing.
Then why violence?
Is is a fact that, people have lost emotions,
They don't know what to do?
They don't have trustworthy leader?
Sometimes the hot pursuit is OK, but every time?

The best solution is peace.
Everyone living in peace.
In peace everyone survives,
Everyone progresses,
Everyone earns at least two square meals a day,
Everyone gets educated,
Every one gets peace and joy at home and in societies,
Then, why not give a chance to peace?
Few have expressed the fact that,
Even violence in reel life is not OK as it creates bad impact on children.
However, when compared,
Violence is OK in films, movies and reel dramas,
but it is not OK in everyday real life,
if everyone violet some norm or ethics
then no one will survive on earth,
Humanity will die its own death.
Hence, I strongly feel, what our seniors and ancestors felt,
In peace everyone survives, otherwise everyone dies.
Om Shanti: Shanti: Shanti:

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