Thursday, August 07, 2008

I am worried about this world

I am worried about this world

More I go to places around the world the more I get worried about the world,
More I hear the news I get worried about the world,
More I get emotionally attached to the world more I get worried,
More I keep my senses intact, the more I get worried.

I am worried because of ghastly activities that I have seen, faced, experienced and heard,
Hence, worriedly I have few things to say, one and all, it included me/ my self, as well.

If you cannot clean, please don't spoil this world,
If you cannot cool, please don't heat this world,
If you cannot feed, please, at least don’t exploit people,
If you cannot keep quite, at least please do not instigate quarrels,
If you cannot sustain others dominations, then please don’t try to dominate others,
If you cannot sustain progress, please do not put hurdles in progress of others,
If you cannot provide life, please do not kill others,
If you cannot bless others, please do not curs others,
If you cannot put thoughts into action, at least, let not others stop in doing so,
If you cannot soothe others feelings, at least, do not hurt them,
If you don't like a person's contribution, at least do not politicize his/ her contributions,
If you cannot make please don't destroy this world.

Thus, I am worried about this world, full of atrocities that I have seen and faced,
If it continues astronomically in numbers, the world will be in danger,
The problems are many let us try to reduce the problems instead of increasing,
Why at all the war is needed has human being lost its senses?
Have people become emotionless due to faster evolution of human being on earth?
Has people lost senses, has human being lost it touch with god?
I am worried about this world.
I am worried because it does not stop.
It continues through ages, in one or other form.
I am worried because as the population increases number of people who face atrocities increases.
I am worried because ethos, values, truthful behaviour are becoming words in history.
I am worried because the people who can change the world are going into oblivion.
I am worried because corruption has become norm of the day.
I am worried because good people have lost faith in all the systems, around the world,
I am worried because skills to sideline good people have become common,
I am worried because evil forces have lured more people than godly forces,
I am worried because people have started liking violence more over silence,
I am worried because children are losing their childhood,
I am worried because life has become mechanical than natural,
I am worried because religion has not remain practicing art but a stage and background for wars
I am worried because earth is getting spoiled and
I am worried because authorities are using their will against humanity,
I am worried because show-off has become predominant over real feelings among humanbeings,
I am worried because .....................

(This is first draft of poem, as it is coming out of mind since last few years)
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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