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Great Opening of Beijing Olympics 2008

Great Opening of Beijing Olympics 2008:

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Great Opening of Beijing Olympics 2008

Probably, China has shown its real might. It has shown the glimpses of its vast cultural dimensions. It has shown the world how to conduct biggest events on this earth by involving as many people as a country can involve. It has creative organisational skills which are still untapped by the 'outsiders'. The splendid show was watched by billions of people around the world. Many who call themselves, "I have seen the world" felt that China is not still been explored.
15000 Chinese synchronising their work together and making a pompous show requires huge time investment, practises, and not to forget $43+++ Billion investment.
The further we go the further we add events in Olympics.
Los Angles, Moscow, Soul, Atlanta, Munich, all were great venues and events but with 37 stadiums, 205 countries 302 medals it is really a biggest event on earth.
Already I have said, I know Chinese they are better in implementation of ideas with their organisation skills and grandeur they add with their people power.
3 G Dam was example now Beijing Olympics is the out come of hard work.
I have heard a Chinese worker, and engineer, an architect, and few of my friends saying I want to be part of that big event by completing my job on time. They were involved in construction of Bird's Nest Stadium.
China has shown like Japan and India, that traditional cultural values and modern technology can go hand in hand and can fetch better results than just wavering with might of only technology.
Let us watch this great event for coming 15 days.
All good things have come up as by forwarding Olympic event China has capitalised to make their coountry highly progressive and has changed the face of their major cities and other places. They have trained their 5 genrations. You might have seen 5 year old child to 70 year old athlete were involved in the event. Where as in other countries the experience was transefered only to 2 to maximum 3 generations. That's where culture plays vital role.
Almost 500 million now understand basic English language, 100 million English and French and other languages and other etiquettes aroudn the world.
You might have watch happy faces of many who visited China for Olympics, showing their hospitality.
After all, Honorable Hu Jin Tao, rightly said, "We watied for this moment for long".

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