Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Some Inspiring and Beutiful Thoughts from eclectic sources

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Aum. Om. (Sanskrit - One letter God).

Let noble thoughts come to us from all universes. (Rigved/ Rug-Ved).

Everything comes from this universal god and goes to him. (Bhagavad Geeta-Brahmarpanam Brahmahavir Brahamagnou Brahmanahutam Brahmaiv Ten Gantavyam Brahmakarma Samadhina) .

God, Thy will be done. (Bible).

(Allah O A-Kabar) has lot of tremendous meanings:
I bow to Allah who is immortal and hence whose Kabar cannot be built or
I bow to that Allah, whose Kabar cannot be built or
I bow to that Allah who is so big that who is beyond the Kabar or
I bow to that Allah who is so big that every Kabar will be smaller if it tries to accommodate Allah. (Kuran) .

Every Action has Equal and Opposite Reaction. (General Science, Physics, and Chemistry and Thermodynamics).

The best creation of God is Man.

"Shivo Bhutva Shivam Yajet", Swami Vivekananda.

"Unlike common man, Saints can see, visualize and experience, existence of God at every moment, event and phase of life.” Swami Madhavnath-Mr. Madhav Vishnu Wakde, Pune.

"In the infinite time frame, even billions of years is smaller time frame. Thus, even if one lives here on earth for 1425 years like the Yogi Changdeo (at the time of Saint Gyaneshwar) he will not be satisfied. Hence, let us try for Salvation, Mukti or Nirvana, which will make your life really fruitful." Dr. Keshav V. Belsare, Malad, Mumbai.

"The best Kings, the incarnation of Gods, the richest of the rich, the Scholars of the Scholars, the best singers, the Enlightened souls, the poorest of the poor, the highest of the highest authority, the most powerful among the powerful people, the worst among the worst, the best among the best, the tiniest among the tiniest, the biggest among the big, and all who ever came on earth have died and are dying will die, that is the birth-live-die cycle. Hence, the best way to get rid of this cycle is to attain Mukti-Nirvana-Moksha.” Swami Ramdas-Dasbodh.

Come on life is small/short, with all these religions let us go to multiple universe/s and let us explore the universal god at various places in the Universe/s.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

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