Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Possible Biotechnological and Scientific Miracles on space ship called earth

We'll Patent it later?
First, I am going to contribute, contribute, contribute:

Few Take away ideas:

1. Students will store everything in pen drive and there will be biomedical device fitted in the brain to convert that into hand action. Thus will type or write the Answer Paper in the Exams.

2. Injections of French, German, Hindi, English, Russian, Sanskrit, Greek, Latin, and Spanish will be developed and will be injected intravenous or so in the body and that person will be master of that language till the antidote is provided. He will write, speak and live that language. Similarly, another possibility is, in the night the book will be read by Computer and will be stored in the memory bank and gray matter of human brain will store it and in the morning will produce in the Examination by special selection process of human choice.

3. Stem Cells will develop body parts and human being will be immortal or at least live a longitivity / long life. As same as the Automobile parts being replaced and the life of the Automobile is increased.

4. Superman/ Supermen/ Super-Women

5. Super Skilled people.

6. Bio-Technological Man/Men/Women running at the speed of 1000 kilometer per hour will start from Delhi and cover the distance of 15000 kilometer to Moscow in 15 hours. Good bye to Vehicles, Airplanes, etc.

7. Like the movie "Evolution" with Hero as Mr. David Daconvi, fast generation of species for special purposes will be possible.

8. Super-Hyper-Super Computers in link with human brain and working for super projects.

9. Disease free species.

10. Special purpose developed species.

11. Nobody will be able to speak a lie. Everybody will speak truth.

12. Nobody will die hungry.

13. A bio-technological-man can construct his house within few minutes like cartoon network fast pace action.

14. Man once take food need not take food for rest of his life. Or will be autotropic like Revered Sun Baba of India, who is alive only by taking and eating Sunlight.

15. Man who can live 500 years and will travel into space till Mars and come back after and with five generations on earth. S/He will tell experience live to the whole world.

16. Species that can grow on Moon, Mars, Titan, Europa, Venus as per the local environment with no need of Artificial Environments.

17. Human being will convert itself into just a composition of Quarks and can travel at Taconic speed and will reach stars and will take again into human form over there.

18. Human being will convert itself into chromosomes and will wander on the oceans of Titan, Europa, and all the gas planets and come back and will tell experience to next generation.

19. Like Dinosaurs could be regenerated in Jurassic Park Movie, human being will regenerate his past generations on earth or by taking some genetic material of human being over there.

20. Human being will crush themselves to such a small size like movie ----I crush them small, that they will be able to see atoms, electrons, protons, even basic material Quarks and will tell that experience by getting original shape. .....If you want more I have some more Unlimited Radical Ideas but Human Beings are not Ready, Truthful, Ethical, and Capable of moving to other planets at this juncture. Unless truthfulness, devotion, honesty comes into actual practice humanity cannot go to distant places. Reason, suppose there are lots of people traveling in the space ship. Everybody is assigned a task. If everybody does it in "own" time and in "own fashion like on earth", then that space ship will have NO second chance to survive. Hence, honesty, truthfulness, punctuality, discipline, ethics, values are important otherwise humanity is heading towards self destruction.

Life is a short let us give it for great cause, time is less, let us start today.

Amen. Aum.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

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