Thursday, February 18, 2016

Let's offer prayers to god for betterment of world

My wife asked me, "Why you keep offering prayers to god?"
I said, "I'm praying for family that's true, but, I do also pray for this world which is our family, "Sarvepi Sukhino Santu Sarve Santu Niramayha Sarve Bhadrani Pashynatu Ma Kaschit Dukhkhmapnuyat....." meaning: "Let all be happy, Let everybody be full of life, let everybody be disease free, let everybody see goodness/ godliness everywhere, let everybody be forever happy and can't / won't be able to see/ find the sadness anywhere....."
Especially I request god to stop terrorism and please stop the suicides of the farmers in India and let everybody get job bread and butter and keep everybody busy in good things. 
(Farmers suicides started earlier with Vidarbha region farmers around Nagpur who started committing suicides, and now it has become major problem for Government of India).
Also, since long, whenever I see, children begging on streets, I see jobless people, and all sufferings, I do all these things. Many laughed at me. Similarly, my wife jokingly said, "God has no time for all these things....Because, everybody asks everything for himself only, why you're asking for them, all are supposedly/ supposed to be're too idealistic? ..."..we laughed...
(But...she saw how serious I was in offering prayers to god...she sublimed....and now she's stopped making fun of me).
Told her, once one of the relative said, "You should TONE DOWN. You are not leader of this world, why should you think about this world, when, you yourself is not doing great and people don't expect you to be their leader, also, you're not so great like any Sadhu or Saint or Mahatma or biggie or Avatar........if you do so....people will try to show you your place ....(just laughingly)...."... However, I continue to be original what I'm. 
I said, "When we're part of this earth and humanity if we offer prayers for all, we're part of it, if we all are happy then only everybody will be happy..., etc. I know the story of Lord Buddha who tired to convince the person that everyone can't be happy....but that was in different context, altogether....Also, if one / once a simple prayer is sufficient, then my one prayer is okay for me...myself and my fact God is genius he remembers even if he is told once.....(we laughed)...then rest of the time and everyday for whom should I offer prayers for.....I don't waste time and wouldn't like to...24 hours is big time to live and let live and help others live...make others live such hyperlife at large level..."
She said, "Impossible, everybody can't be happy, etc.....". Then, I said, "Still we can try...let's try ..try..try but don't cry...madam...".
Let people and organisations market themselves positively or negatively or neutrally, we'll do our work silently by offering continuous prayer to god for welfare and well-being of all. May people know it or not, we'll do it till our body perishes, even though we have everything in the world or nothing and in whatever phase, event or situation of life we may be.....
Let's offer prayers, the Jesus way, the Mohhamad way, the Ram way, the Krishna way, the Ramkrishna way, the Budhdha way, the .....your way...the my way...the....everybody's way....for this world...that's all we can do after trying and doing everything we can, ....we're offering the prayers...after trying everything...
Let god be with all of us forever. 
Aum. Amen. Amin.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, Lives on the ground, Nagpur, India

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