Friday, March 13, 2015 

Whopping 150000 downloads to 

This International Journal of Original Research and Development ( IJORD ) was started just in September 2014 since then only 3 issues are there and it surpassed many beliefs. As on 10th March 2015, it surpassed the 150,000 global downloads mark. Besides that it was naturally gone forwarded to it's editorial board and from them also it went to multiple places by emails. 

It shows, research should be for humanity than dumped into copyright and patents for decades or for centuries or for millions of years. Even they are put into IPR efforts should be there to implement for the welfare of all, is also true, as we're not against that as well. However, as we want to see changes happening positively in human society that goes to multiple places in the Universe and beyond hence, we're making it free of cost visibility. That's our service to human kind as we publish such papers only. 

This is not arrogance or boasting or against the business of journals and IPR but a humble effort to help otherwise suffering humankind due to many issues like Environmental catastrophe, degrading values, and utilising erathien resources with greed than need....

Hope we're going to contribute, contribute, contribute. 

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude 

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