Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Some articles worth reading since January 2014

Some articles worth reading since January 2014

Chinese Progress Ready Reckoner:

China Buying ....Detroit: USA BPO'ed China and now China is buying the BPO'er's property:

More than 60% WWW/ Internet traffic is not from humans:

Detroit Saved article:

China lost 14 million lives in World War 2:

China Vs. USA in Oil and Gas Sector:

China building longest under sea tunnel: 1600 miles travel distance of Dalian and Yantai to be converted to only 160 miles:

Huge Projects of China:

China may be slow but not out of race:

Hollywoodiens fear of China:

Chinese Investments around the world:

Chinese Investment in USA: Interactive Analyses:

NYT: Chinese building niche auto market in Detroit:

Busy DCBA:

USA will work hard again:

80% USA Ports Managed by foreign organizations:

China can save Detroit, Article:


Silicon valleys Detroit moment:
Economy of Convergence?

San Francisco going Detroit way?
Costly office space:

Atlanta's dying?:

You can't eat ice cream after reading this:
Trying job at google?: Please read this:
Google satellite's clarity of pictures:
Paper replica of a plane:
coca cola formula secret:
Japan's pink flowers:
Beautiful ice sculptures: 2014 winter:
15 horse treks: However, missing here is Himalayas, especially the Jammu and Kashmir's Pahelgam trek, and Massoorie trek:
Beluga Aeroplain:
Can this world remain without Rivalries? Not in this article at least:
NASA's 10 space photographs: 2014:
About Moon missions:
What it takes to reach moon?
Thrill seekers have these things to do:
Airbus Vs. Boeing Vs. Cheap Airlines:
How to improve learning power of your child?

Reducing power shortage in India:

Alex Furgusons CASE study:

coming more.
Internet Connectivity going....
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