Thursday, January 09, 2014

Is this world and all nations ready for "DIRECT DEMOCRACY" and "WELFARE OF ALL"?...Debate

Is this world and all nations ready for "DIRECT DEMOCRACY" and "WELFARE OF ALL"?...Debate

Questions raised:

1. Is it possible that even road side beggar's views are implemented in Democracy like India?
2. Do we waste time again and gain in asking people?
3. Why could not it be made possible in last couple of centuries in so many countries including UK, USA, India, Australia, Canada, Japan, China....etc.
4. Is it beneficial?
5. Is the welfare of all the citizens of all the countries...possible?
6. Can any one political party make it possible in some countries?
7. Are the people ready for drastic, sudden, radical, ....change in their life?
8. Is it blue sky policy?
9. Is it a dream of humanity?
10. Was it done earlier in human history? When? Where? How?
11. Why Socrates, Confucius, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, ......sacrificed so many years to make it possible in their lives?
12. Is it day dreaming?
13. Can this world become corruption and all fantastic things free, overnight? Can those corrupt people involved in such bad things suddenly help in building Direct Democracy?
14. Can Direct Democracy be clubbed with Progress of all?
15. Will it not lead to chaos?
16. What are the hurdles in the Direct Democracy?
17. Will the imperialistic mindset, who think other humans are their servant or so called followers, will ever allow the Direct Democracy?
18. Without so called charismatic leaders can the democracy be RUN?
19. Will "Masses can't lead but Classes can Lead" syndrome/ mindset vanish from the world?
20. Will the classes allow the masses to be part of them?
21. Will Rich, Authoritative, mindset people allow this to happen?
22. Will it not go into wrong hand sometime as had happened with the Democracy, Communism, and Monarchies around the world?
23. How to keep watch and control over the things/ happenings?

Going to take in BBA-LLB class.

1. How the law will have to be modified?
2. What will be impact?
3. How constitution will look like?
4. There is no Direct and Perfectly Direct Democracy in the world, students proved with facts and figures.
5. HUGE discussions.

connection got slow.....

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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