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Latest topics for Debate, to understand this world better

Latest topics for Debate, to understand this world better

I've been taking such things in the class for 15 odd minutes, since I started teaching, i.e. since 1994, even taken quiz on such topics. Even in the Engineering college, where I taught Industrial Management,  used to take it, so that students remain aware what is happening around them. All students are equal in the class. They love, the class or contact session or lecture whatever you may say.
Following are the topics for the debate in the class/ contact sessions:
0. Why can't the education, water, food, electricity, jobs, health, better infrastructure facilities, be part of every house-hold of every eligible human on earth?

1.       Humans will destroy the ecology and economy of Moon and Mars and other planets even if we set up our foot their and start the economy and ecology at those places...A pessimist

2.       Import of petroleum: How to reduce it?

3.       How to tackle relationship with China and Pakistan? : Please read the news:
4.       How to tackle relationship with USA?

5.       How to tackle relationship with Russia?

6.       How to tackle Terrorism?

7.       How to tackle Naxalism?

8.       Higher Education in India: Even IIT and IIM are not at par. (opposite view is given next)

9.       RTI: Is it benefiting?

10.   RTE: Is it working?

11.   What is  a true democracy?

12.   How to implement the environmental norms in India?

13.   Right to reject in Election.

14.   Is it worth to immigrate in developed countries?
15.   How to tackle corruption?
16. Global economy: Is it inclusive?
17. Are human beings going to fight wars for millions of years?
18. Are we creating literate and educated people or are we developing more cartels and racism?
19. Child labor can be stopped
20. Ethics will remain intact till humanity is there
21. Religious values changes with time?
22. Children are better than grown ups.
23. Jobs are vanishing day by day.
24. Job or Self-Employment?
25. FDI in Retail.
26. FDI in airlines, banking, etc. will it make us global economy or top companies will siphon away benefits?
27. Should there be super-power concept in the world?
28. human being is more animal in these days than the past.
29. Selflessness is vanishing
30. Family, greatest gift of Indian civilization to the world
31. Indians think by heart and not with brain
32. UNO is successful in stopping 3rd world war but not other smaller wars.
33. Millennium Development Goals (MDG) is not taken seriously by the states around the world.
34. How to stop 'falling rupee?'
35. Gold dependency, is it religious in India or really a worth?
36. Sports in India: Except Cricket, all other games are not worth playing.
37. Are we going to learn from Kedarnath tragedy?
38. Women are treated as Goddesses in India
39. Parents are the best teachers but not sufficient
40. God is ruling this world perfectly well ( I took part in this debate)
41. Education in Dehradun or Shimla
42. Why to study in top ranked university if same facilities are there in our own countries?
43. R & D in Military and Defense fields
44. R & D in Medicines
45. R & D in technology and other fields, is it worth?
46. "There are more wars fought over religion than any other things, in this world, than for any other thing" an argument from few communist thinkers.
47. At the end of the day, humans or any specie or creature, is selfish
48. "Ethics and Values can't be inculcated, they are in genes".
49. Everybody can't be a soldier, still few countries train every citizen, to defend their nation
50. Sanskrit, Latin, Greek, Pali, Prakrit, ....are dead languages. ( After talking in Sanskrit, I went on to ween this debate....)
51. Domination of one culture or language that provides jobs, may kill others
52. Crux of all the religious books are same/ similar
53. Family culture in India was adopted by Chinese, it was really a good thing to adopt 10000 years ago.
54. Do his world needs a superpower or super powers?
55. Is it not worth going to Moon, Mars and Beyond?
56. Veto power in UNO
57. Viruses are evolving better than human beings
58. Can we put a ban on War?
59. Leadership is not at all necessary for humans to survive.
60. Is to become Famous and Rich the only good goal in life?
61. British Raj was better than independent India.
62. Government Primary Education in Inida is in ICU (Intensive Care Unit).
63. Rules are meant for poor people only.
64. Rich countries always dominate the poor countries.
65. India digested the Globalisation concept long back, as it is said in India, "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam (Means= This whole earth is my home and family)".
66. Religions have raised humans from the stature of animals
67. Why can't humanity live in peace, forever?
68. IIT and IIM and other top  quality Indian institutes and Indian universities have not marketed themselves well around the world.
69. Women are treated as Godesses in India
70. What humanity should do to survive on earth forever?
71. Indian education system is better than others in the world
72. Education has become business?
73. Theoretical life and practical life can never remain same?
74. Innocence of children reflects god in them
75. Negatives news are news and positive news have no value, now a day
76. Humans have become corrupt, hence, will they have the same fate like dinosaurs?
77. All religions are 99.99% similar, only ways to worship and path to god differs
78. Global companies versus the Nationalist companies, who are better?
79. Education now a days, not even teaches how to earn bread, leave aside education making better human beings.
80. Human greed has no end
81. Humans will destroy the ecology and economy of Moon and Mars and other planets even if we set up our foot their and start the economy and ecology at those places.
82. Dollar dependency: How to reduce it?
83. Why USA shifted Petrol based economy with Gold based economy?
84. Scientist Tesla rightly predicted that humanity should go with Solar Energy than coal or petroleum based, but, was sidelined. Why human-being is doing so with all wise men, since ages?
85. Research is the best things that happened in top ranked universities and institutes
86. Hegemonies of top institutes and universities have links all over the world and they try to dominate others forever
87. Imperialistic mind state have ruined human lives since ages
88. Since, the dawn of human civilization common man never got justice
89. Genius is not born but are made, similarly, Terrorists or Thieves are not born they are made.
90. In our whole human education system,  not only children, but birds, animals, viruses, plants are put at par, though not only each child but each specie and each individual is having different surviving and sustaining skills
91. Major Dhyanchand, brought Hockey Gold to India even before independence, hence, he deserves Bharat Ratna more than any body else in sports. 
92. "North Indians are more arrogant than south Indians...." HRM book sentence.
93. Bollywood movies are more popular than Hollywood, though they do not earn much, and are not marketed much
94. "Globalization that we're trying is not globalization that we expected," a senior citizen.
95. Are we flushing out viruses, bacteria, tigers, lions, and other predators out of their dens?
96. It is the rich (individuals or nations), who flout more environmental norms than the poor (individual or nations).
97. Major Dhyanchand, brought Hockey Gold to India even before independence, hence, he deserves Bharat Ratna more than any body else in sports. 
98. Even hockey stick of Major Dhyanchand was broken to see whether some magnet is there, as the ball keeps sticking to it till he scored, in Munich, Germany Olympics, that's the impact of him, hence, he deserves Bharat Ratna more than any body else in sports. 
99. Is Bharat Ratna, India's highest honor been politicized, now a day? 
100. There is no the best system in the world
101. We are still behind the schedule in space technologies 
102. Racism is next only to God'ism. 
 coming more.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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