Monday, November 19, 2012

I HAVE NO ANSWER FOR THESE QUESTIONS and I was speechless many a times

I HAVE NO ANSWER FOR THESE QUESTIONS and I was speechless many a times.

Student keep touching such points:

Why the reel life hero paid USD 120 million or One Billion Rupees, and not the General of Army fighting on the battle field?

Why not the President/ Prime Minister of India paid salary of One Billion when they works hard to benefit one billion population?

Why are we helpless when so many scams are out? Why not army used to get into this and get rid of scammers? Is it not for the sake of money?

Why Godfathers (So called positive Dons) are Devils when it comes to dealing with some people?

If, at the end of the day we have to earn money then why schools are there? Why not parents and you teachers teach us, how to earn it in tons?

Sir, you keep talking about ethics, but, we heard, all the people who earn more than 10 million in India can never earn so if they are ethical or truthful?

Why Sadhus, Saints, Mullas, Fathers go on that land where the wars are going on e.g. Afghanistan today, and bring out Peace there? Why they work in so called holy places only? If religion was so importance then, why there were more wars on religious issues only?

Why cannot 99% people who are common men come together and chance the fate of the world? Why only few lead this world?

Why we can't see God in one day's prayer? Why penance is required?

The kinds of things going around the world, it seems, the world is not controlled by anybody? If citizens are controlled by Government then who control these governments?

Why Gundas have become stronger than the systems around the world?

Sir, tell me one person who is ethical and is billionaire. Why is it so? Then why are we were taught about ethics and values at our early age? The person in our class who was hardly 10th grade pass has become billionaire by now, and when we're going to get PG today. Now, I'm going to send by CV to his organization for job.  What's the value of our education then? "Purushah Arthasya Dasah (Sanskrit) meaning Man is servant of Arth, etc." seems to be true, Sir.

You always say you don't like glamor but knowledge when it comes to presentation of case study, however, in the outside world glamor is only paid, how we are presenting is only counted, and next comes the content. Just see the Indian Idol and other programs on the TV.....

Sir, when I see everything is managed, and everyone trying to be part of it, then why not, I start getting 10% of the business and become manager of that firm and become millionaire instead of resisting for the corruption, when I know if I resist the business will be down and I may lose my job.

Sir, Mr. Rajeev Gandhi said, "85% of the money that is meant for the masses/people do not go to them, only 15% goes". Now, Mr. P. Chidambaram says, "To deliver one rupee to the masses, government has to spend three rupees is it viable?"

Why honest person like you can't be a trillionaire?

Why people try to take away credit from you that have done by you and initiated by you? Sir please answer.

coming more.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, 

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