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Ahimsa or Ultimate Non Violence as told by Saint Dnyaneshwar

Ahimsa or Ultimate Non Violence as told by Saint Dnyaneshwar/ Gyaneshwar

Just read and you might feel it's impossible to practice in daily life. Still its, worth knowing. If Lord Buddha, Lord Mahavir, and Mahatma Gandhiji, have heard this they would have said this boy of 21 years (Saint Dnyaneshwar/ Gyaneshwar) has put my/ our thoughts in the apt words:

1. While common man breaths, inhales and exhales, lot of viruses and creatures die due to heat, however, when Saints / Avatars breath, it may not happen. Some one asked, shan't we breath then? We laughed.

2. Even thinking bad about someone else, is violence. Hence, many realized souls always warn about that and advise everyone for thinking good, positive, etc.

3. Cutting trees is also violence. Then, people ask what will we eat?
The seniors (Swami Madhavnath) said, "In early days, before, the tree or wheat fields or rice fields were cut for the produce, the agrarian/ farmer used to pray, to them (trees and vegetables) and requested the rice and wheat to be food of needy/ hungry, then they used to cut the plants/ trees. In fact, many heard soothing sound from these trees, even while they are being cut.
In fact, the farmer used to Chant Hymns, Mantras, Shlokas, and had Hom-Havan before planting, during the plants grew, and just before cutting. Some even meditated, sang Bhajans like Saint Savata Mali, of Maharashtra. Thus, whatever being grown ('trees or vegetables'), 'they' knew they will all be offered to god or they will become human food. Thus, there used to be huge produce/ big harvest, still, those convinced, vegetables and trees were ready for sacrifice, and didn't used to make any noise or put resistance before the farmer, nor there was any forceful negative act from farmer over the vegetables and trees". Let's not talk about the animals, it's always against their will....hence, do it can never be Ahimsa.A lot has been said in the Bhagawadgita - As it is on this topic hence, we'll not write here.

4. In fact, speaking is also violence, leave aside, using bad language. Then how to communicate?
The people, so called near and dear ones, should develop so much understanding that there must be minimum to be communicated by speaking alone. Once, I told it to some one, he said 99% violence will stop if it happens. He also added do you mean they communicated by telepathy? I said, no need, just develop understanding among fellow beings and see the results.Thus, speaking loud and whatever is there on TV or movies or ....can be made absurd....with this sentence. Come on go into depth and understand....it sensibly.

5. Ruffles in the mind is an act of violence.
Come on, in this world with audio-visual impact gadgets and high profile jobs and hyper-dynamic lives of millions, is it possible? The solution told by seniors are like this. Everyday, to start with, out of 24 hours put aside 3 hours for this activity, in which you do nothing. Just, understand how it is difficult to not to do any activity. No thinking, No speaking....

6. Just see the translation of Dnyaneshwari: Beautiful:
Body, Mind, Soul, all are have to be tuned for Ahimsa.
A man must be like a Moon offering a bit of light from Sun that does not harm anyone.
Even if some one talks, he talks so sweetly that the ears of others, be-gate the tongues in their ears, which try to eat those sweet words spoken.Also, those, spoken words are Truthful words, which harms no one, the words are like spoken by mother for a little child.

Amazing comparisons.

Dnyaneshwari is a MARVEL, the best Book one can read in his life time.

coming more, have lecture/ students contact session.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

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