Sunday, April 08, 2012

When god is in every particle, omnipresent, omnicient, and everywhere then why scientists search god particle

"When god is in every particle, omnipresent, omnicient, and everywhere then why scientists search god particle?" A Question was put infront of an unknown Saint by a Spiritualist.
Then he explained the Saint, how scientists are searching Boson, the god particle with which scientists believe all the particles are made up of....and how large hydron collector used by the CERN for this purpose....etc.
Also, "Revered Sire, do you think, science is way beind the spirituality?"
The Saint, "There is no science which is behind or ahead, all co exist."
Further the Saint said,"Look man, Veda, Upnishadas, Ramayan, Mahabharat, name a spiritual script all have claimed that Ayamatma, Tat-Twam-Asi, Pradnyanam Brahma, Shivoham-Shivoham, Aum/Om, Hari-Om, Shivo-Bhutva-Shivam-Yajet, Jivo-Brahmaiva-Napara, Jiv-Shiv-Sanyog, Yogi, Bhakti, Yog, Jiv-Shiv, Jiv-Paramatma, ....all the concepts including Soham, are claiming one and the same thing that god is in every particle and god is present everywhere, in fact, the god only exists nothing else exists was also claimed by Swami Ramkrishna Paramhans, even up to Swami Madhavnath (Ashish's Sadguru). Still, this is a perinnial battle/research/search, and it is one of its kind which never stops and can never be stopped. Humanbeings are like that only, they will search for God particle, they may find it and after couple of hundred years or a thousand years they will also, lose that fundamental concept again, and again they will search in another existing way the same thing. Another such things where perennial search is there are, search for Gold/Diamond like money making entities, New ways of self realisation, New ways of attaining Peace, New ways to dominate world market/politics/authorities/technologies, etc. ...Boy just don't bother about it, keep focus on life's goal/s, and let the world try their best."
"Another factor is, Some of these achivements are hard earned and hard worked achievments of some scientists, which could be their own Sadhana/Spiritual Practices, hence, we cannot also discard it or neglect these achievements.
Let the world go as it is".
Everyone got the message.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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