Sunday, November 20, 2011

Does Absloute Vacuum really exists?

Does absolute Vacuum really exists?

The question is really relevant after the following scientific discovery:

If DCE using SQUID proves that particles can be created and then they vanish into unseen, then, the question seems to be relevant, I hope. After reading Casimir effect only few years back I suggested to rethink about the Ether concept of corposcular theory suggested by Newton, however, few people rejected my appeal, and laughed at it. No problem, science, and spirituality both always will/had oppposing forces, still both have servived. ok. In fact, some spiritual scientists already have claimed there is an entity called conscience that exists everywhere in the universe and beyond and which some people call as supernatural power called God, are we near to that concept? Alternatively, is science also proving the same?

Using scientific methods scientists are challenging science itself, what an irony. Great, the world is like this only, in fact, scientists are children of science and they are challenging their own creativity.

Really science is going to be exciting in coming future with such discoveries and inventions if any/ at all, which shakes the basics of science over which the entire humanity dwells.

Ashish Manohar Urkude, Ph. D.

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