Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Great Life, Great Lives

A man had diamond mine
His name was Ashish.
He didn't believe in keeping security
Hence, kept his diamond mine open to all.
He had no record how many diamonds he may have.
People looted him
He let them loot.
Once, one person asked him,
"Why, not to put security?"
Ashish said, "Why to put security?
If not today, some other day they will loot it, then why to stop?
It is better to be magnanimous today than tomorrow,
It is better, to be free from all today than tomorrow,
It is better, to give than hold and let it die its own death or loose its value,
It is better to share than lose it via some other means later."
The man who requested for security went inside took 10 diamonds
Enjoyed his life and thanked Ashish and said,
"God bless you Ashish, Great Life, Great Lives",
and send other friends and relatives to get benefited.
Once, a poor looking man went to rich person,
He said these all farms belongs to him,
All factories in this area belongs to him,
Lot of riches, lot of wealth.
The poor looking fellow asked him, "How much you can give to me?"
The rich man said, "Not for donations, it is hard earned money".
Then that rich man asked, "Who are you and why your are asking?
What you can give to me?"
The poor looking man said, "The owner of billions of Galaxies is standing in front of you.
You may take as much as you can."
The rich man bowed to him, but, the time he lost in recognition, made that poor looking man vanish into unseen.
The REAL opportunity was lost by him, due to his engrossment in the REEL world.

The rich man then said, "That poor looking fellow had a great life, when he was in front of me, but his Godly nature I could not realize".

(Inspired from letter received from well wisher back in Nagpur in 2004. Ashish can or can't be replaced by someone else. It depends. Some people say Arjun is representative of human beings in front of God. Some say or it is a fact some say that they were Nar-Narayana, etc. It is left up to reader/s.)
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

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