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Study Material and Open Courseware (OCW) for Business, Engineering, Law, Arts and Science

Study Material and Open Courseware (OCW) for Business, Engineering, Law, Arts and Science

What are OCW:


Example: Gemba Kaizen:

It is from Rai foundation, thanks to them, where I am working now. They have developed, good case studies, theory, practical, etc.

Some other sample websites:

Education material, open content on Wikipedia:

MIT Open Courseware:
Topic wise:
Harvard MIT: USA:

From Group of edX Universities: (non profit)

Why SEE by Stanford?:
IIT: India:
NPTEL: India:
Example: Introduction to Marketing:
UOC, Irvine: USA
Ex. Fundamentals of Business Analysis:
Utah State: USA
Japanese OCW consortium:
University of Southern Queensland:
Notre Dam: France:
Delft: Netherlands:
Michigan: USA:
Uni Camp: Brazil:
UDEM: Mexico:
Kyoto, Japan:
METU: Middle East:
Pakistan: Virtual University: OCW:
UTM: Malaysia:

OCW Consortium:

Learn Almost Anything for FREE:

United Nations University, Japan:
Free Videos: on UNU:

Open Directory:

Free Text Books:
Wiki Books:

Other live and non-profit sourses: URL:


Free Courses:

Free Documentaries:

Free Audio books:

Free MBA Podcasts:

Free Language Lessons:

Free Music:

Free 250 courses:
Including Literature, Biology, Physics, Engineering, Law, Management, etc.

Lifelong learning tools:

Most popular free courses:

Free All Language Lessons:

Free Course ware/ Books/ Seminar/ Study Materials:

Open Access Methodologies and Sources on Wikipedia:

Open Text:

Free To Learn Guide:

How to bring down cost of education with Open Education Resources (OER), Revise, Reuse, Redistribute and by Remixing?

Allowing open access but not allowing students plagiarise or cut-copy-paste:

coming more.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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