Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Theory and Practise are two sides of one coin? Yes/ No: debate

Theory and Practise are two sides of one coin? Yes/ No: debate

Some amazing hot discussion points:

1. If you don't know, you cannot do.
2. If you do, and tell it is theory after practise,
3. If you know and then do, it is practical after theory,
4. If you only know, only read, only add information or add knowledge, then it is pure Theory.
5. If you only do then it then it is pure Practical.
6. Useless theory is not useful.
7. Only practical is not useful.
8. R & D only can innovate but practically no one likes to change.
9. Few argued on, "I am a practical man/ woman, theory is useless for me".
10. Few argued, "All practical things come out from vast theory."
11. All practical always lead to theory, of course. Then only next generation can learn.
12. If you try to know in depth, and know something that you suffer, or going to do, then you can do it better.
13. All super literate, highly qualified people are useless as they know 100 and they implement 0.0000001%.
14. All the illiterate people should be literate by the year.....
15. It is sheer waste of time to try some Utopian ideas.
16. Instead of talking we must feed at least one hungry person.
17. Talking and arguing is waste of time.
18. Practices get diluted if we do not have aim to do it and it can be generated only through proper training which is nothing but theoretical input.
19. There must not be PhD in this world, they waste time. Parents should child up to that much with which that child can take care of himself/ herself. More literate people know too much and may harm even their parents, if they get job elsewhere. They face less brain wash than less literate and they stick to the nation/ soil/ family.
20. Literate people always find outlet to every system in the world.
21. Illiterate people always try to practice more and know more practical outlet in their jobs.
22. Less literate people are more practical.
23. This world is not perfect no one is perfect literate, and no one is perfectly illiterate.

unlimited points and arguement continues for ever. .................

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, ashish.urkude@gmail.com

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