Sunday, February 22, 2009

Biotechnology: The Most Happening Sector at present

Biotechnology: The Most Happening Sector at present

In the ancient times also humanbeings have attempted several such biotech ventures. Example from India could be Ved Vyasa written Mahabharata, the epic, in which, right from Abhimanyu, Kauravas, Pandu and Pandavas, to Ghatotkvatch, to Ulupi's and Arjun's son, to Jarasangh, ...several cases.

In Ramayana also, Makardhwaja the so called son of Hanuman from the Fish, which was formidable. As Hanuman simply dropped his sweat while going to Shri Lanka, the fish caught it knowing it to be the mighy Hanuman and rest is history. Trataka having several kilometers lengthy hands could be other example, and all creatures speaking could be ultimate of all Biotechnological wonder.

Any how what ever we can imagine is possible in biotechnological field, as is possible in spiritual field.

In Greek, and other places also this was tried. It's good that we know its limitations and unlimited possibilities.

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