Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How much man needs? : Wise men's advices around the world

How much man needs? : Wise men's advices around the world

By gods grace, I was lucky enough to see the lives of the Fakir/ Sadhus/ Sanyasis/ Monks/ Fathers/ Mulla/ Maulavi/ Cardinels/ Babas/ and even Billionaires, Trillionairs, Middle class, Lower Middle Class, Higher Middle Class, Poor, and other every kind of human entity possible on earth.

While the needs of Fakirs was least the needs of new higher middle class or status conscious and esteem conscious people had the highest.

Everyone knows the story of Alexander the great and the Sadhu story. The Sadhu asked Alexander the great, "Why you require so much land, when one human being requires only three hand length of land?"
He proved Alexander that when burried humanbeing does not require more than his height full of land and some width of the box. Later he convinced Alexander that it is better to conquer one's mind than conquering the whole world. "Jitn Jagat Ken? Mano hi yen." (Sanskrit). It means "In this world who has won the world? But of Course, the person who ever has conquered his own mind and gain control over his life."

Hence, this question.

Earlier, Ram, the hero of Ramayana the Sanskrit epic, had already decided the limitations of human needs in every possible circumstances.

On the extreme other side, one rich man said, "If rich people do not have their rich needs, then there could not be certain businesses possible in this world".

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Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

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