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How to implement "Work is Worship/ Work is God" in today's technologically advance and business oriented world/globe-urb?

How to implement "Work is Worship/ Work is God" in today's technologically advance and business oriented world/globe-urb?

(Please note, this is one kind of Scientific and Management analyses of Work as Worship or Work itself is God, and how it could be implemented in everyday/ day to day life.)

First case: Worrying or forcing other worrying is not WORK IS WORSHIP:
An young scientist approached me complaining, "The Universe is expanding too fast to control. Can you tell me how it can be controlled?"
I said, "Don't worry. It's given in Vedas that Multiverse not Universe expands rapidly for certain time span, after that it contracts and a 'Hiranya-garbh'is formed again and later again it expands, thus, this cycle continues for ever. Just refer the day of Shiva, Vishnu, and Adishakti, as well.....".
Further, I told him that if you can connect these Vedantic philosophy with your so called modern science then it can fetch you amazing results. He agreed and then I told him in which Upanishad and ...scripts from Indian and Western Philosophy you can get these details.
It shows the kind of dedication the scientist has for his work. Trying hard to solve some targeted problem. This is what god likes, if the scientist perceives the fact that he is dedicating his work to God, at every moment.
Second Case: Perfection in front of CEO and imperfection behind him, is not WORK IS WORSHIP:
Some of the colleagues of Mr. A, worked hard only when his CEO was in the Company/Campus, to show that they really work hard. Other days you come and watch the working style, it is really a chaos.
This is show-off, of work, which god doesn't like and it may fetch bad result in individual's life as well as in organizational or nation's or life of the world. In fact it is a dangerous sign that unless an autocracy/ authority is there human being will not work. Finally, I should not mention that even animals also work under carrot and stick condition.
Third Case: Exploitation is not WORK IS WORSHIP:
Some of the colleagues of Mr. A, came to him, asked "Sir, can we do this together? Shall I use your phone for official purpose?”It happened and then everything was arranged well and Mr. A, helped his colleagues to get the things done properly.
Later on when the program was to happen suddenly at last moment his same colleagues asked the CEO, “What is role of Mr. A?”
Means work is extracted, cost is beard by Mr. A, however, credit is taken by others.
This is ""intelligent exploitation"". Mr. A, realized it, however, he knew it is not the last time that has happened to him and it is not end of life. He did his work as worship, however, his colleagues failed in implementing it. Sometimes even courtesy call becomes a work is worship. No need to say God likes Work is worship, implemented properly. If everyone work with everyone, and credit is shared by everyone, then that organization lasts longer.
Fourth case: Taking credit but not doing work is not WORK IS WORSHIP:
Some of the colleagues of Mr. A, are never seen while the actual work is going on. However, when, last presentation is there, and photographer, and reporters are there they suddenly appear and start speaking we have done this and that. Thus, they do nothing and at the last moment they come and understand in brief what was done and how it is done and suddenly take away credit from all the hard work done by colleagues.
This is eating icing on the cake or eating cream de la cream philosophy becomes dangerous if these people are cross questioned about the details of the work. No need to say, God doesn't like this 'snatching away credit' from real workers.
Fifth case: Show off of work is not WORK IS WORSHIP:
Mr. A has very good friends in some organizations. When their boss comes, they move the field forward, and show that they are working day and night. When super boss goes files come back to their original desks. Which means nothing has been done. God doesn’t like this kind of work.
Once, he ask them why you do all these show off? They said, "Peer pressure to ...."
Come on peer pressure must be accepted if it positive otherwise we must continue our own honest work. Ok. You have to work hard for some time, however, deny any peer pressure that is diverting you from your Work is worship.
Then, one of the honest man asked, "How to tell boss?"
I said, just take example, come to my office.
He came.
I introduce him to my colleagues. Then we went to some official work in other organization. From their I called Mr. Z, he was talking and chewing his 'Pan'. No need to mention that the loud noises clearly indicated he was on Pan shop. On the mobile laud speaker, it was clear to Mr. A's friend as well. Thus, the friend understood that boss knows, "Who is who?"
Then, after finishing the work, both came back to Mr. A's office. It was lunch time. Mr. A, took, his friend to every desk and showed him who really worked and who really not. He was amazed to know minor facts and figures, that were told by Mr. A to him without touching any computer or any person's desk.
He was more amazed when Mr. A, talked to the colleagues and explained them, how it could be done, who were not 'really working' but showing they are on job.
The friend realized that even after many pressures one must strive to be honest and work on his own for his own satisfaction. He said to Mr. A, “If a common man like you knows these things then definitely boss and CEO and ultimately knows who is how."
Sixth Case: No work but salary is not WORK IS WORSHIP:
There was one famous case. In the chaos of maintaining the records, one worker used to collect his salary every month. However, here never worked at that place. No need to mention that unless you have at least consulted or have done some kind of contribution, you should not charge / take so called salary.
The major reason being Chitragupta, the record keeper of God, has record of all entities, and by the Philosophy of “Karm Vipak” i.e. “feedback of God and result of the every action one should bear”, it bounces back to the person/ that entity.
Seventh case: Only Discussion but no work then there is no WORK IS WORSHIP:
It is about, only discussion and no action. There was a group of old scientists who knew how to do something that can change the energy scenario of the world. They recorded everything. They came to certain conclusions. However, they wanted to convey the final outcome only when something concrete is done. Hence, this was a secret mission. However, one day the government declared that the town must be vacated in 24 hours as the hurricane will strike that town.
It was done in urgency and hurricane took away the hard work. Later on all the scientists could not come together again.
This, is an unique story. However, it is been observed that many people only talk and don’t take action. God doesn’t like this only talk philosophy. In fact, once, my Sadguru Swami Madhavnath used to say, the Pravachankar, the teachers must walk the talk, and must also convey the message on time so that it could benefit masses as well as classes.
Eighth case: Understanding work AND WORK IS WORSHIP:
There is another case, no discussion and only action. Mr. A’s neighbor gave a blue print of the building to the builder. Without discussion work started. During the work in one classical condition all the digits were in English but while talking with workers one of the digit was put in Hindi. Done. Six in Hindi looked like Seven in English. The mistake was done. However, that work had to be done again.
Thus, before we move on to work first understand it, and then go for it. The best example would be wars. Both armies go well prepared. …..

Ninth case: Organisations AND WORK IS WORSHIP:
Disrespecting skills and talent and older generation. In one of the organization, once an employee reaches 45 he is asked to retire or change the job. It so happened that one man started working with that organization at 15. Thus he worked for 30 years and has complete experience in that organization.
At his 45, as a rule, he was asked to go by his CEO.
The man explained to CEO, there are some work which no one else does was not been delegated since long and let him be given one more year till he trains someone else and then he’ll go. Finally he said, “Boss, keep me as advisor or consultant However, as Child, he said, “No. You have to go.”......
No need to say, organization went bankrupt in few months.
Thus, respecting talent, elders, and skills only can make organization successful. Thus, even CEO’s have to respect work and worker’s worship.
Tenth case: Age AND WORK IS WORSHIP:
What is the age to implement this philosophy?
Early the better. If we don’t take it seriously then, after few days, there will be more environmental problems, work related problems, exploitation problems, Good Boss vs. Bad boss problems, Good CEO vs. Bad CEO problems, sustainability of business and sustainability of business problems, Values less society and ethics less technological problems .... Compromise to these have brought us at the brink of environmental catastrophe and further delay would cause.....end to environmental balance.
It is the young age, when children could be groomed for better work and controlled actions, hence, the early the children knows that excellence is the only way to do work and performance is only key to his success, the better it is.
Otherwise, so called rich or famous or literate or urban or authorities or .... kinds of classes will succeed and masses will be called burden to society.

Eleventh Case: Proof of Work is God AND WORK IS WORSHIP:
A man came to Mr. M and said, “Whatever you may do in this corrupt and spoilt world, work is worship not possible.”
Mr. A said, “Work is God.”
Mr. M said, “It’s true.”
How work is god?
In the Geeta is stated by God that God, the devotion, the devotee, the process of devotion, everything is god, it is sacrosanct.
Twelfth case: Contribution behind theback stage of contribution AND WORK IS WORSHIP:
Once, Swami Vivekananda went to Pawahari Baba and requested to come in front of world and contribute the way he is doing. Pawahari Baba claimed that the energy and power (Shakti) on which you are doing work is the Shakti he prayed for Swamiji’s success.
This happens to be work beyond nishkam karmyog i.e. this work is beyond expectations of anyone. Even parents can’t perform the work like this.
Thirteenth case: Hectic Life AND WORK IS WORSHIP:
One person came to Mr. A, saying, that in this everyday hectic life it’s impossible to implement work is worship or work is God.
What’s difficult?
He said, “In this corrupt world, it’s difficult to keep your hands safe. It is difficult to say white work is white work and black work is black work. Everything comes under gray area. Nothing is bad or good it is mindset that makes it bad or good.”
Mr. A, said, “Oh, so you mean to say, nights have become days. Sun sets in the morning.....etc. Has god changed its system? Why we don’t dare to say bad is bad and good is good, we dare to say so many things to so many people. Why can’t we have our own clear understanding? Already people have accepted the way we are, they will accept us the way we evolve as well.”
The man agreed.
Fourteenth case: Understanding among long time colleagues AND WORK IS WORSHIP:
One of the senior said, that, if we live together for some promising time, all colleagues should have such an understanding that for few days we should understand each other if we speak, however, after a year or so, even look at each other, should only make whole communication. Further he said, the communication must go from formal to subtle level as we progress.
Same is the case with work. The joy of doing something good that helps the needy and excitement of real satisfaction one can get only after real experience. Why not get that experience at every moment? Once we reach that level then there is no looking back, as god is sat-chit-anand swaroop and thus lies the saying work is god.
Case fifteenth
A mother said, “Tension, yes lot of tension of studies from early childhood due to competition has been put on this generation, why can’t government do something?”
The answer came was, Government did not asked you take tension, first thing. Second is let your child do his best. Everyone can’t be Scientist of doctor or the best player or the dream child you want it to be. Another angle to it is, everyone in this huge complex world has a task to perform, let your child discover where do s/he fits in. Let his aims be decided, let him work hard, get through. If he tries for IIT and goes to NIT’s don’t feel bad. May be it will bring better future for him. Another example could be, one of my friend was very good in repairing and overhaul of engines. Somehow he passed ITI diploma. Once another friend came to us, he was IIT’en. Suddenly that IIT’en Engineer’s car failed to start due to overheating. He could not repair. My ITI friend called him and said, let me do it. He repaired the car in an hour. Thus, all together different skill set. That IIT’en and ITI’en are child hood friends and both are successful. They don’t compare with each other. Both are satisfied with their honest work they do. Real work is worship.
One more case. One of Mr. A’s friend is an Homeopath. His other friends are MBBS, MD doctors/physicians. In the early days of their career their parents compared who is better in terms of money and respect they earned. However, when it came to job satisfaction Homoeopath was happier and now more successful. Thousands flock in, as that Homoeopath could use the holistic approach to its profession. A job satisfaction case. The homoeopath conducts free camps for poor every month on last Saturday and Sundays and thus a work is worship case. In fact, I quote, “Mr. A, you see the real joy in the eyes of your patients that have been send by god. They treat Doctor next to god. I just have to examine them and give them proper medicines. Many have been cured for obesity, skin infections, cervical spondylysis, hair loss, and other common diseases. However, I still believe it’s god who sends them and cures them.”
Case Sixteen: Old Age passion to contribution AND WORK IS WORSHIP:
At 72, job satisfaction and work is worship?
Mr. M, was called for some expert work in the field of infrastructure development by Government. At 72 the strong man with Military background went, worked like a horse and the youngsters could not catch up. When, Mr. M went there he found basic mistakes in the work and there was rework by mistakes of inexperience people. After the whole corrective measures the project started looking ok. Mr. M said, “This is work is worship and job satisfaction at the age of 72”.

Case seventeen: Red tapism AND WORK IS WORSHIP:
We talked about repetition of work. There are some cases where road is built several times a year. It is for earning more. Once one saint was asked what about work is worship in this case. He said, “This is not worship this is warship. We have to fight a war against this, as it is against work is worship.”

Case eighteen: Dirty work AND WORK IS WORSHIP:
“We are doing dirty work like cleaning the dustbins of everyone, or building houses, or can we relate to work is worship?”
In fact, the all the oldest examples from the spirituality in India are giving examples from your areas only. A farmer used to go for farming every morning. While going he used to pray god during lunch he used to pray god and evening he used to devote all his work to God. Finally, the God and Devarshi Naarda also accepted it as work is worship.

Case nineteen: Working in religious places AND WORK IS WORSHIP:
One of the friend was not happy about happening in the Temple after the devotion and offerings by devotees to god. Do you know Swamiji, literally there is quarrel among the so called Pujaris over collecting and dividing the offerings. First of all everyone laughed but when he said he is one among them, everyone laughed. Then he asked the Saint, “Tell me how to implement the ‘Work is worship’ in my life?”
The saint said, “Tell me a field which has no black, white, and grey area. Try avoiding that fight and if one or two of you can pull back probably it will stop that nuisance. By that time you try doing that pious act with real devotion and try work is worship”.

“We are in the act of killing we are in military services how can we try work is worship?” A question was asked. The answer was, usual. Whole Geeta is on the warfront. Thus, also work is worship.
Case twenty-first
One of the housewife asked, “How to implement work is worship when every day I have to cook same or similar things? “
Cook for gods in the family members, work for the gruh devta i.e. the God of the house, every day at every moment, then see the result. No need to say, it fetched the result better than expected.

We are students, how to implement, work is worship?
"Vidyarjan" and "Vidya-Daan" are the one of the most noble jobs/work, and there is only one way it could go the work is worship way.
If it is not, then, please alarm yourself, you are not on the track prescribed by God.
Take example, A is student, he attends classes regularly, with 100% attendance even if he is ill, he goes in the class.
A teacher teaches with "Ensurance of teaching and learning cycle with positive feedback".
Students studies in as many ways he can and ensures that what ever ethos, values, and subject matter s/he learns implements in a positive way and gives back to society in positive sense.

We are poets, how to implement, work is worship?
Please remember, Ramayana is poetry, thus it is offered at the feet of God.
Same with others.

We are business men, how to implement, work is worship?
Please note the story of "Satyanarayan" in which it is mentioned that the what ever the businessman earns offers to God. It also means as far as possible he does the ethical business.

One person was doing illegal activities. He was reminded about what happened to "Angulimal" and what Lord Budhdha did to him? Think about "Valya/ Ratnakar" what happened when Narad Muni, asked him, "Confirm from you family whether they are ready to share his ill deeds." Nobody was ready.
Thus, wrong path is wrong always. "Trikalabadhit Satya".
Hence, it is better to earn small amount of money positively, than earn tons of money negatively. No religion on this earth have supported anything like this and will ever support it in future.
Filmy dialogues, like, "Half belongs to me and half I share with Jesus Christ," of Amar Akabar Anthony, are just for jokes. In real life that Hero might not even know how to steal?

"I'm a professional and in competitive market we sometimes are forced to do illegal activities, like stretching up the opponent company to be closed. What to do? How to implement work is worship?"
Do you know what is professional?
A person who does his job on time with maximum output and that too with values and ethos. Once done, offer it to god.
Any question?

Q. What do Avatars like Shrikrishna do?
This question is already been answered by Lord Shrikrishna.
Once, Narad Muni, visited Lord Shrikrishna. Lord was busy in performing "Puja" / worshipping the photos of shiva, ram, and even narad muni.
Narad Muni asked lord shrikrishna, "Lord, why you too perform puja/photo worship? Why you have to do all this? Even if you don't perform still you are God/Lord himself?"
Lord Shrikrishna answered it like this, "Not performing puja is negativity, while performing puja/worshipping photos of lords and greats like you (Naradmuni)is positivity. It's worth doing than not doing, then, why not I should perform puja/dhyan/naam? It is as if worshipping the bigger-self. When I remember these Vibhutis, I remember own self, that's what you call God? Isn't it? Also, while doing all such work, it goes to higher self, and it purifies your mind and soul. In fact whether I perform puja or do any other work, that is worshiping self only. However, if in the human form I don't perform these worshipping then the people who try to follow me or immitate me will create bigger damage."
Then both of them laughed a lot.
Thus, lord spread the message of work is worship in his life.
Similar happenings are there with Lord Ram and even Bhagavan Ramkrishna Paramhansa.

Q. Why there are so much hurdles in doing good work and why "fantastic" ways get done faster? How to adjust in this world?
A. Shrikrishna has answered this question by saying every work has efforts and linkages behind it. Also, the reason "fantastic" works get done faster is people got used to it. If, you want to adjust by remaining clean in every work then, you may have to work harder a bit than rest of the people, rest god has assured, if your motive behind work is right.

Q. How to remain clean when every other person in our field is not?
A. Work like a common man and not a special person. People may make you dance at their own tunes but, your clean work will make them realise, it is not possible to push dirt on this person. This was the trick told by few Saints in past, and many have successfully implemented it, in almost every domain and in every part of this same world where we are living, also, that Saint said.

In Japan 50 technicians are working in Neuclear Plant where the high radiation is there. Supreme Acrifice. This is work is worship. The Question arises, are people across the globe not only in Mumbai, Kolkata, Dhaka, London, Paris, New York, Los Angles, ...but whole world ready for tackling such disastors? If not then preparation of humankind for that is also work is worship if really taken in right attitude and people devote life for that cause.

"Sir, in Mumbai we have so much reclaimed land from sea that if tsunami comes or disastor occur in any of the nuclear plant almost 100 million will suffer and chain of events may destroy the ecological balance around the world. Also, yellow stone national park is situated on the brink of volcano, ....." one chap gave lot of examples and asked how to prepare or how to stop this?
My answer was,"Preparation is other thing and planning such project is other thing. Why can't we plan such nuclear plants on in some islnads and connect it with Super Conductors so that if the disastor occur then we can control....."
Such foolproof kinds of plannings and implementations are part of work is worship for top management.

Case thrity two: Why YOU CALL WORK IS GOD?:
"Why you call work is god? No one said that".
"Worshipping is a process, worshiped is god and worshipper is also becomes god once he is no-remain other than god himself in his trance. Thus, work is god."
"Dhey - Dhyata- Dhayn-...One entity... proves Work is God himself. In fact A-Kabar, Yahova, Almighty, Atman, all these prove that god is everywhere and accomodates everything, then? Inside it anything happens is inside the god and god itself. ...Ok?
The chap agreed.

Case Thrity three: CASE OF YOUNG AGE and W I W:
"Sirji, when there are so many Gurus around the world to whom should we follow? Also, how many are following work is worship? Many have multi-crore assets, many have lot of followers, many have this and that tag attached to them,many fakirs are not like us, we want someone who really wears shirt and pant like us and show us how to adopt to work is worship...kindly let's know". A really "TRUE Chap".
Mr. Balasaheb Wakade, used to say, "Many say lot of things but less really do what they say." In today's words, "Follow those who walk the talk, i.e. who really do what they say."
"True Chap" then asked, "However, you might have experienced that if we try to be simpleton and straight in our ways people will try to loot you or will trap you in so many things that, you'll not be able to follow true path. Or they will do some politics behind you and will spoil you image or career or family life or .....and will force you to be part of them. Then how to implement? Also, how can we practise in young age?"
The answer:
All the enlightened soul started it at much younger age, except few. The early the better. Please remember, it has nothing to do with normal living life. You live normal life however, you just understand that how the work is done, getting done, who is the doer, why it is done, which part of the link of God's machinery you are in, .....iin fact, it happens that once the practise goes on, a realised soul gets detatched to every work s/he does and God never let his worshipper down. That's how God is doing work and what ever he does is also God's work and what even happening is inside god and thus god itself is work, and thus competes the cycle of work is worship."

Case Thirty Four: Seniors and colleagues exploitation and manipulations:
A friend, "My seniors always try to show me where I stand, even if I try to contribute as you say more at work place, is it work is worship or not? Also, as it was shown in the 'Yes Boss' moview lot of colleagues join hands and try to exploit and manipulate people like me by making and creating dramas at work place, lot of things are pre-or-post planned. Thus, out of need we do the job, but will it be work is worship?"
"God knows where do one stands. In fact, your boss had / has to put CCTV at several places but God has sensation at every place as it is everywhere. Leave aside, only eyes and ears god senses everything at every place in this world and beyond.
Also, those who try for work is worhsip try for perfection and do the work relentlessly, thus, at that moment your perfection is achieved which can be versioned and upgraded anytime, but, by offering your hommest and truful work, yes god feels that you have achieved work is worship.
About manipulation, exploitation, yes, it is happening since long. However, you might have seen that the expoliters get exploited at certain point of time in later part of their lives. As we do get expolited indirectly, or unknowingly, we might have better life as we try for work is getting worshiped for every moment. However, we have to offer more prayers for our exploiters as we know their future. God bless them.
Thus, we need to be strict with ourselves not with others while we implement, as others, could those, 'who don't know/understand what they are dooing' as Jesus Christ said.
Keep your work as your prayer / worship.

Case thirty five:God has some unimaginable ways:
Q. "How about colleagues, family members?"(Continuing Question from above Q/A 34)
A. Everything that has come is going to perish. From day one and from early child hood it must be taught to children that these are all phases of lives. This is how you must live at these times of your lives. E.g. We teach children play while you play, study while you study, every work with full devotion and concentration, but we must also tell them how it could be done, so that a pinch of work is worship is added, from early childhood. Thus, problem of children getting different unethical route in life could be avoided.
Also, even after hard work and smart work, we know, sometimes, God has some unimaginable ways for every happening around the world, on which we don't have control. So try for the best and prepare for the worst but keep ready for disastor management and firefighting as well.So that our work is really beomce worship to God.

Case Thirty Six: Can we live normal life or we have to leave in austerity in Jungles?
Define austerity.
Doing needful things comes under austerity. Just define your limitations. Ethics, truthfulness are paramount and those will live till the humanbeing is on earth. Vasisht Rishi had 100 sons. However, Vasisht and Arundhati are still supposed to be the ideal husband and wife, who could implement work is worhsip in their lives. Even today, Prabhu Ramchandra's "Maryada Purushottam" i.e. Living within limitations, in this short span of life of humanbeing is supposed to be the best ideology. It's still true in this unlimited era of possibilities. Every living entity requires to fulfil the basic lmited needs, which will remain forever, till the world exists. However, unlimted wants of same humanbeing cannot be fulfilled till the end of his/her life.Thus, one can live a normal life among all, however, can make his life special by offerings s/he makes to God. Swami Vivekananda used to say, "For offering prayer to God one corner of mind a corner in a small room or house is enough. For that one may or may not go to holy places or go to persons or go to jungles."
Now, that even FBI has accepted existance of Aliens and UFO:

Then, also, to offer prayers to god one need not be on earth or other places in multiverse, same principle is applicable. Quest for almighty power is as old as the existance of multiverse or even in this world or any other universe.

In fact it is practice to offer everything to God, that could be practised even from early age. What it has to do with age or any ethical job? Even, your writing email could be worship, even your fooding could be worship, even your taking care of child could be worship, even your driving could be worship, even your breathing could be worship, in fact everything is god so god himself does all these worships. God is all times busy with worship, you may call self worship in every entity. God is worshiping himself at every moment at every place and without stop. Everything is offering to him, puja to him, worship to him. Thus, as per the reference of the A-Kabar (God's karba can't be made, he can't be burried as it is bigger than any entity) fundamental if god is everywhere then where would one go either to worhsip or not to worship?

Case thirty seven:
Q. Sir, in the hectic life, when I live in the forced environment of higher working hours, I get less time to devote time for my own betterment in terms of spirituality, any solution?
A. In the globallly cometitive world, it is forced to happen. Even if you want live a dignified life many things are forced upon you/me/everyone. In such situation, try remain non-corrupt and avoid unwanted moments. My Sadguru told me a story of "Narada-Vishnu-Farmer" in which Narad could not chant the name of god on account of busy with the oil not spilt from the diya, while, farmer could offer a prayer and a complete surrender(Sashtang Dandawat) to god before going to job and after coming from the job of farming. Being an agrarian it was the only thing he could do.
Similarly, morning prayers/meditations/aarti, etc. evening same, and in between devoted work, could enhance one's moral and can take the person towards his spiritual goals. However, you must take proper guidance from your trusted Guru on this issue, as prayers may differ from person to person as per his persona and personality and circumstances.
All the best.

Case 38:
"Sirji, can you increase 24 hours to 25 hours for the day?" Disciple (D)
"Yes, why not?" Sadguru, "However, do you use your 1 minute properly?" Sadguru.
"No", D
"Then why you require 25 hours. Would it be work is worship or work is hell? You decide wisely."

Case 39:
"Sirji, how can I remain happy even after working for 31 days a month?" D.
"I work 24 hours/7, but, I feel I'm not doing anything my own, some devine force works through. Try it. Devine force is in everyone. Then, it becomes direction coming from god, for god and thus a complete entity as God itself. No matter during all that what you feel, mind does gymnastics......"

Case 40:
"Sirji, sometimes even after reading your blog, ...etc. I get confused, to whom to listen, what should I do and try?"D.
"Just see, once you come to know that you are not only body, mind, brains, happenings, everyday activites, happyness, unhappyness, etc.......then you come to know that even planets, stars, this and that.....etc. have affected/effected our activites, then .....just imagine the amount of info/knoledge pour in from all the sides. If you decide, practise something solid like meditation, or the practises told by Guru/Scripts or told in Church, Gurudwara, Mosque, Synagogue, Temple, .....then, you can find yourself in some stability of mind. Please don't neglect parents, grand parents and elders and olders their way also can make you tougher. Slowly, you can also practise work is worship....and go beyond.
Yes please remember, there is life even after enlightenment, or mukti or nirvana or nirvikalp samadhi or trance or turiya awastha or....." Sadguru.
Remember one story of Samarth Ramdas, when he said to Shivaji after blessing him as Sadguru? Ramdas Swami said, "Now we are in same journey of spirituality, none great or small, but on path of God's realisation". Sadguru.
"If he can say that, even after practising 1200 Suryanamaskar, 1008 maala jap of "Shriram Jay Ram Jay Jay Ram" per day, then who are we?" Sadguru.
Just try. Success is ours, we are born for that.

Case 40:

Coming more.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude