Sunday, September 27, 2015

"Chair lifter and arranger to Chairman (C to C), Peon to President (P to P) of the committee" ...human being can perform all these jobs at a time

Once, I was obviously invited to head the Ph.D. viva of almost 18 odd candidates, being chairman of the committee ...and later in the process, the rest of the people would be trained with hand-holding that also I had to do.
On the day....
I was arranging the chairs .... making the arrangements and was asking whether everything is right, once, all are in the hall, and everything was fine, later I was relaxing on the front chair, waiting few more candidates to arrive, after preparing a flawless process to arrange such interview/ viva, and succession planning and result oriented process aligned with complete academic procedure and system. Obviously because, I believe in walk the talk. Suddenly, in anxiety, one candidate came and asked, "Who are you Sir?"
I said, "Chair lifter and arranger to Chairman, Peon to President of the fact, I'm human being who can perform all these jobs at a time".... I hope...the matter was clear....As I believe walk the talk, I had to develop a proper procedure and hence it was was called as the flawless procedure and system that was/ is followed that place...for conducting the Ph.D. viva...Thanks to God for guiding me from time to time. 
Later, when this candidate came, he was trying to show-off his knowledge about statistics and computers and other things and thought none in the hall having Ph.D. in the Management may know all these things, forgetting, bachelors degree could be anything in India it could be MBBS to BA in Economics to B. Tech. to BHMS to B.F.A to BBA.....who all opt for MBA... The Professors found out almost 70 odd mistakes in his the examiners were having all such backgrounds....
The presenter thought, his Thesis might be rejected as the tough questions were asked ....though he was having very good qualifications according to Indian terms i.e. from top University in the world....was at fact, he also, claimed, "It was a tough viva-voce."
As a person who arranged his chair to sit, I was also, the person to decide his result, ......told him in brief, these are the things he should do in next 6 months...and same committee would be there to decide the result..... Finally, after 6 months he came prepared, his Thesis was fine tuned... and got his Ph.D. ....However, while going away, he said, "Wisdom lies in humility Sir, I didn't get person like you on the planet yet..."....touched my feet and went away....I said, "No need to touch feet of a common man...all are perishable mortals...touch feet of God"..... He said, nothing....but, I could see his wet and thankful eyes.. 
Later, all the committee members said, "Sir, we rejected all such candidates last year, why was his not...? Though we agree they came prepared after one year...." 
I said, "He was working on himself, .... had depth of knowledge but missed 70 add minor points.....on the other hand, others were dependent much on the guides and pursuing Ph.D. as it was compulsory/ compulsion to them in their life...and genuine candidates are always genuine....if we had rejected..this finer Thesis would not have been in our collection and repository.... everyone laughed....any how we liked your formula... C to C and P to P....again everyone laughed....
Today, after the Ganesh Festival was over, I was lifting the chairs with children at that time I told this incidence to children they laughed....a lot...
Aum. Amen. Amin. 
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, 

Don't you have good experience in/ from big/small cities and places?.....A question...immaterial to global citizen and humane human like us...

My own sister asked me, "Don't you have good experience in/ from big cities and places?" 
We were laughing at this question...
"Have you seen "Tom and Jerry", the mouse goes to New York and ....after...lot of smashes comes back to home, sweet home?"....she said, "Yes."
From all over the world, every where mixed people offer you mixed experience. 
In Toronto, once, I had a pass, and was seating on front chair, but, as it was Sunday, I kept seating till the Bus went the last stop.... the Driver said, "Last, stop...."... I said, "Please don't mind, I'll be going back with same bus, on same place....". He was laughing....
In Budapest, once, I had one day left after UNESCO conference, and went for the ride in their metro/ tube, holding a weekly pass. I went from one corner to other corner...., after, 12 pm I slept on the chair after watching beautiful scenery... At around 4 pm driver came and saw me...asked, "Where ..are ....from?" broken English.... I said, "India." ... "Will be going to Budapest."
"Ok. Keep seating near driver's seat, ....I'm going up the hill as there is halt of 30 minutes, I stay up there, you may come...." . Still, I hold my place, and then he suggested to get down at particular place that was walking distance from our place of stay. 
Once, I went to a place in Sahyadri for a work, in the dead of the night, our bus failed near one village. A small truck man came to our help... so what villagers are always first to help and in community living.. they are the best. What village and what metro...all places are ok for us. 
In Mumbai, in the 1998, during one major mishap we had to leave the Local Trains....I walked from Dadar to Mulund, ....while searching for job, I came to you......and at every place, people on the streets offered ....a Samosa, Vada-Pav, Water free of cost....when I said, "I'm going to Mulund...the farthest place among others...others let me get the Samosa first...." . I kept walking...."Do you remember, I came at 11:55 pm in the night that day after walking 29.5 kilometers right from 5:30 pm?"....
On 26th July, there was flood even in bus literally floated on Sangam Bridge....then we got down. I walked 23 Kilometers and reached Software Technology Park Hinjewadi where I was placed in Symbiosis-SCMHRD, Puneites were not kind enough to tell even the address.... 
After a while, she said, "Not such. Really good experience."
"You people don't have heart...why should I tell you?" Me. 
"It's not like that, we also have heart but not time....." Sister.
"Don't tell me that....people who have heart also have time to do the things they like...except you Mumbai, Pune and New York people....". I said, jokingly. 
At this, she got irritated, people have changed since a days, the socialization is again back at every place...every colony....chawl...are getting united....Yes we agree there was time, when, even, neighbor didn't know who the neighbor is and what he looks like and what did he at.....
Finally, I said, "Ok. if got a job there will come, otherwise, Dehradun is good or Nagpur is good...or Mumbai or Pune or New York, or I don't mind working in fast pace life or slow pace life or village, or town or city or jungle or high place or low place or these people or those people...ultimately it depends on oneself you're aware...we're fit to live at any place on earth of beyond."
Hope, you know we're beyond all these things....we're universal citizen and humane human, good or's all part of life.
She said, "I agree."
Then only this discussion stopped. 
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, Nagpur, India

Without 100% literacy (Formal+ Informal+Moral), skills development, and awareness about rights and policies, 100% eradication of poverty is impossible

"Without 100% literacy (Formal+ Informal+ Moral), skills development, and awareness about rights and policies, 100% eradication of poverty is impossible", once in World Bank discussion I raised this point, and 101% agreed on it. You'll ask who is this 1% extra? These are the people who always criticize me for such thoughts. 
I always call such education s complete education or 100% education....but people laugh at me...and say none can be 100% literate then...then In say, "I'm 0.001% literate then..." because, I/ We/ All human beings can't achieve 100% literacy the main cause of poverty and which is our total human failure... ultimately also 0.001% people are billionaire means, financially they are the only successful people and we're what one taunt/ nasty comment, one of my friend directed to me after my MBA....later he said, "You're going to make such financially successful people more successful with your all education, awareness, skills....than truly contributing for society....". For a moment, all MBA's got stunned at this....out of the world comment...taunt...
Once, at our home, our maid aunt's son was to be taught for something, the child said, that, he'll learn up to 10th grade. He did. Later, he decided to go for a business of construction, my father told him, "First undergo formal training, here is fees....". The person, went for training and now he is doing well. Later, the child understood the policies of government and bank loans, etc. financial training, now he is truly successful. He is not the only person who has got fees from our home, his elder sister got similar treatment from our joint family, now she is well settled in Mumbai. The point is, formal education is must, informally the etiquette are also important, and moral education to lead a better citizenship live is also important. Till, now, we counted how many our family have helped since my birth, and we were laughing at this exercise, as one person said, "Inclusive growth is not charity to us..."..... Even if we give away, just 5% of our salary for such cause every month, our family have helped more than 5000 people till now.... 
Inclusive growth is including people in your joy. When you're happy or achieve something, in place of celebrating we give same amount of money to needy person. Last time, when I got "Exceptional" employee from UPES in 2013, my father donated a tricycle to physically challenged person. It costed just INR 3000+. We could feel and look at the joy of that person who could move to places though he was physically challenged....we felt.....Unlimited joy, satisfaction, achievement, success....yes... we feel in our heart, soul and brain. Now, he said, "My poverty will be lessened due to this movement, as, now, I can move and bring more handicraft work that I do and expert in." It's true, if you look at his drawings, paintings, and embroidery, and bamboo work, none can say it's done by physically challenged person, it's so clean and sheen. After, an year, when someone told him about the government job that he can get due to his degree he hold, he said, "Better, I be independent than every day show-off from people for compassion from so many walks of life at public places. At least I have become independent now". On phone his relative said, "Thanks to your father."
However, it's been a fact, that, most of the government policies do not reach to ears of people who need it. Last time, in 2008, we wrote an article on Farmers and Agrarians in Vidarbha and how and why they are committing suicides....most of the times, it's due to either illiteracy or due to un-awareness about most of the latest Techniques/ skills/ knowledge/ policies was one of the conclusion. 
Already in the year 2000, I've included 1 complete chapter on how to develop skills in the field of Automobile Sector...similar things are possible everywhere right from agrarian field to rocket science to space age.... My UNESCO paper deals with it only. 
In place of blaming backward region or people or places or communities, if this opportunity is been converted in practical reality with 100% success with 100% result, then, only poverty can be eradicated otherwise, after 100 years my Grand....g...g....g...children will talk about poverty irradiation, 100% to all to all....right to education....right to this and that....this is charity as well as business opportunity as well.
Aum. Amen. Amin.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, Nagpur, India

Why every achievement and success, and failure, and in-decision, has lot of stakeholders? ... Lighter but true side of life

Once, our neighbor scored 95% marks and 1st rank in the class and school. As a child he said, "I studied so I scored and how much I worked hard do you know?"
Immediately, other child said, "Hey don't forget us, we never disturbed you while studying (we laughed)",...."Your mother cooked food that you ate and survived (we laughed)", ....other child...."Once I brought medicines when you're ill, and don't forget...once you fell down and got hurt your sister came and helped you to doctor and I was the one who drove the cycle...." (we laughed). Other person said, "Do you remember, when, you fell inside the tank, Ashish hold your legs and then we pulled out..thanks to Ashish for his alertness.....otherwise you would have drowned..." (we laughed)....Sister got added, "Hey don't forget father...he paid your fees...and grand father ...sometimes he scolded you for studies.....and grand mother for giving you your delicious snacks.....and "....we laughed and laughed, again and again....
Finally, the child said, "Thank you all, because of you, I stood first in the school," and prostrated (sashtang dandavat) before all..."
That's the true reality of life, Success has so many takers. 
Later, once, one among the child failed in his, half yearly examinations.... all those who were there on above occasion were there. However, none, claimed they have a stake in failure, as one has to study for himself...with his own devotion....then only he can be successful like the above case....
Imagine, in intellectual battle...a hot discussion started...why success has so many takers but not failures? Why can't a person claim, that, we agree you like to study in the evening and we called you literally lifted you for playing cricket...etc.  All agreed...Failures also have so many stakeholders. 
Later once, we had a catch 22 situation, and I took a decision to play football in the night of Kojagiri full moon day, none supported me that year....and ..there was no decision on the same......Next year, we played football in the dead night on full moon day of kojagiri night, and before we played we washed the white and shining football, it looked amazing ans we played for hours...great...experience and later....every year it was a great joy of playing football in full moon night of Kojagiri....once, I said, "If we had played that year too,....". Some one said, "We all are responsible for not supporting that decision...."
Thus, in, indecision also there are so many stakeholders but all have to be honest and truthful to themselves, for that. In this case, all were, are, and will be due to the training/s, and grooming, we got in this locality since childhood. 
Later with wise men sitting together, this world can be made, a truly great place to live for everyone and forever. 
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, Nagpur @ Home, India

"Is UNO Super government of this world?" My question and suggestion at the age of 8 years, in the year 1979 A. D. still holds true...

It was "International Year of the Child" i.e. "Vishwa Balak Varsha" in 1979, and I asked this question to parents and other seniors, "Is UNO Super government of this world?" My question and suggestion at the age of 8 years, in the year 1979 A. D. still holds true... Unless such super governing features are there, this world will not develop faster and .... hope this top body will be truthful, transparent and trustworthy and is full of wisdom and respectable body of this world and even when humans go places in Universe or Multi-verses. 
This question with reference and details was also part of my book, "The Solution Master"....
Converse is also true, otherwise UNO can become a show-off body of this world....someone said at peak it can be a ivory-tower or white elephant or puppet in the hands of bullying nations.....
I'm well wisher of this world and UNO and this world, hence, this, frank I know, one good side of UNO is it didn't let the 3rd World War Break till date...and that's a great achievement for UNO.
Also, someone in the seniors claimed in 1979, "None have thought about betterment of this world and reforms of UNO than you my child. All here are trying place in UNO, but at mere 8 years of age, UNO can't offer you a place even...."....and everyone laughed....but I got hurt as a child.... I asked them, "Why you don't raise such issue and fight for a chair....or have that higher place in the mind and then do the work.....?"... Their laugh got rocket up in the sky and then someone said, "Really a wise child...what's your name?".....I said, "IS NAA CHEES KO ASHISH KAHATE HAI"... i.e. "People call me Ashish a insignificant child in this world....". Once I told this incidence and few things to my friend...Immediately one of my friend ....who is now known as Dr. Aravpalli Venkata Raman Rao said, "Ashish Kisi bhi chij ko nachij nahi kahate... you're so invaluable to us...."... As a child I felt very nice...
So ultimately, my suggestion was, UNO becoming master governing/ Federal body, World Bank becomes world's Federal Bank and only one currency for this world, This world should become part of Direct Democracy everywhere.....etc. still holds true......... is given in "The Solution Master" there anybody listening?......If not....God is listening to me....will contribute before leaving this for sure.
Aum. Amen. Amin.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, @ home, Nagpur, India. 

Friday, September 25, 2015

In already divided society,are we adding one more class like,people working in top companies or with public sector or with government or with places (irrespective of religion, caste, creed, nationality)?

"In already divided society, are we adding more class like, people working with top companies or with public sector or with government (irrespective of religion, caste, creed and nationality)?" A question for the whole world.
Why not the working conditions be made so secure, values based, and highly paying in other companies and in other working environment than these places?
One of the parent is so proud of his son that he is working in USA, other parent is proud to tell his son is working in Gulf... in this company or that company. Then I realized, this is fantastic thing...
Go to any ranking, Google, or ....are the best companies to work with, but, how many work there? Take all these top ranked private 100 companies, they all may not hold even one million. Will not be there a artificial competition and artificial proud parents or employees who will try to work with them? 
Go to public sector companies and people working in governments, they might be just 12 million people working in such places in India, they are been paid hefty USD 200 billion per year and they have job security, ....class facilities, has it not created artificial division in society? Everyone wants government job in India except me, as I wanted to see how common man services, otherwise I could have opted for it...any how....except god no one cares about people who are not in this class of people not working in top ranked company or public sector companies or working with governments, THAT's the REALITY of life. 
What are the governments doing all over the world? Where are the compliance officers to check the working conditions, wages, out put from other companies? 
Why healthy competition is not there to accommodate more employees than negative competition to give more pink slips? Why there is huge difference in people working in manufacturing than ICT companies in India? India can't be manufacturing hub unless these problems are solved and more jobs are created. "There must be minimum wage act for Graduates, Post Graduates and Ph.D.'s, and these degrees should add skills that's also true," one of my student already has said and have already mentioned in other article. 
This rift has raised, more societal wars. Already, 15th century class based reservation is there in India, and now, in 20th century this one more class is added and .... God knows when man will become man the God created. 
India may implode or even can explode with this divide and rule policy, also, in case, working in other places is not improved and such classes mentioned above (irrespective of religion, caste and creed) are not dealt with urgently. 
Coming to world at large, it's not different, this world needs jobs, jobs and jobs to let positivism grow and for inclusive growth, for that improving working conditions than profit conditions of the companies can only help in future. 
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, Nagpur, India.

People who suggest us something for betterment, cannot be called as enemies, in fact, sometimes they are the best friends of us, who care for us.

After reading my comments like White Parasite on certain government agencies, my relative asked me don't you have good experience with these entities?
The relative was from Mumbai. I told the person, "Look, Mumbai, Kolkata, Dhaka, Male, Some of the islands in  Hawai are gong to be drowned after may be 200 years, ....and if I write that we should start preparation for that right from now, it doesn't mean I'm against Mumbai or these places, these are the predictions of the Geological Scientists. Similarly, in case today few states/ countries are declared as failure states even if UNO kinds of organisations are there, if I write UNO can be called Ivory Tower or can become White Parasite is in that connection may be after 200 case they don't take action doesn't mean I'm against them. Look in one organisation my job was to create foolproof system as much as I can, and I invited open discussions and "find out mistake" kinds of chain of emails. Later, I used to collect all mistakes and prepare a strong Standard Operating Procedure, and we were successful due to this collective efforts.... and I'm writing after finding out solution over it...and facing such fighting the fire situation....
Also, now you're asking me good experiences, look at the World Bank discussions, they include my questions as I'm worried about this world and I feel in future, next generation should not blame us....imagine...200 years later our grand.....g...g....g...grand children blame us for not raising such issues...better prepared and making a fool proof plan of implementation for welfare of 100% human beings on earth and beyond...broadminded .... they are accepting my 25% questions even if I doubt our/ their common wisdom ...of human beings still my job and contribution to them and society is's more a contribution than blame game....they also understand this..... WB kinds of Governments are also required around the world....In 2008, I wrote that India must plan for 25 Gold Medals in Olympics after ....2016 Olympics, had any one replied to it from Government agencies? No. Had anyone from IIM, IIT called me? No. ... Then who is better? Obviously The, World Bank, as they accept the comments against their project implementation faults, as the suggestion for their own betterment....Come on, if each individual has to up grade, then Government agencies also have to upgrade...even though I'm common man they must listen to me/ us...otherwise it's not democracy but fake democracy.... The person said, "Hey stop that....".
Coming to my experience with some state agencies.... when there was fault in one aircraft in Moscow....the government sent an aircraft from state carrier .... Aeroflot once...In India, once there were 3  people naming Ashish were travelling in Delhi - Pune luggage went to Lucknow with connecting flight when I got luggage was brought by Indian Airlines within 12 hours at my home...About Indian Railways I don't have a single complaint yet except when I traveled in general bogies during job losses and in India with such a huge population it's a common thing...we're not dropped from heavens, we're also common men... In state buses I had no problem, with LIC, NIC, Indian Post, SBI, Power Supply in Nagpur, Roads in Nagpur, Water Supply in Nagpur...we have not problem till and as of now. Also, many a times we see lot of poor, beggars, physically challenged people on streets, I've seen, experienced and contributed certain places of trust, where, these people have been helped to come out of their dependency.....only problem is number is huge...and time, resources and willing people are less..due to their own so called busy schedule.... They'll talk for 2 hours on phone, on silly issues but..they don't have includes you as well....why do I waste my time? In case life is 100 years and we spend just 1 hour per day on such things..still we have no more than 3000 hours to contribute to society as actual work....if you minus travelling time, convincing time to people.... the person laughed a lot. 
Lastly, I'm one of the person who got Car Driving Licence at INR 15 (Fifteen) or 1/4th USD. Are you forgetting? I went for the test...and got it after 7 days....if it's not ready they may call once or twice it for Rs. 15/= that's the reality...unlike stories from many people...patience and perseverance pays...
People who suggest us something for betterment, may be personally in public or private about us or for the state cannot be called as enemies, in fact, sometimes they are the best friends of us...may it be Monarchy, Anarchy, Democracy or Communism or this and that case such suggestions are taken seriously and solutions are found out and implemented then this world is....not less than heaven...
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, Nagpur, India. 

Recent Observations about new projects that are not generating jobs in India

As all are aware, we keep visiting places for updating knowledge and keeping students/ children aware about new happenings and about new projects up dates.
In the year 2000 we went to a place where a new project was going on. All the employees were retired from either government or from other places. The senior came and asked to speed up the project.... What I heard from one employees was classical, "They appoint us here for peanuts and after our retirement and now they expect us to run the business... which they can't do..."... "We can guide to new generation but they are not appointing new trained people of young generation who can handle this....why the **** they show off?"... Finally, what he said is also true, "This project can generate at least 1000 direct and 10000 indirect jobs, but if taken logically seriously and really for the welfare of the society....we're all seniors and we expect the same at his age..."we" ....should be treated as consultant than the actual fact we can run horses if they give us people like you Ashish....and complete project even at half the time...and may be reduced resources.... God help this country..."
In the year 2015.... situation is the same....those seniors said..... God bless this world...Aum...Amin... Amen.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, Nagpur, India. 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Direct Democracy Vs. Only one person can be the leader meaning, doubting God's own creation-Humanbeing's abilities: 1987, Discussion

Direct Democracy Vs. Only one person can be the leader meaning, doubting God's own creation-Humanbeing's abilities: 1987, Discussion:
Once multi polar, viewed discussion was on....
In direct democracy, each one and everyone is important. In it theoretically, only one leader as a person is not VIP all are VIP. 
Philosophically also, why at all importance to only one person be there, when, everyone reveals Shiva (i.e. every soul is representative of Lord Shiva) himself? 
The debate continued.
Are you talking communism? It failed as skills of every person are different and without creativity and achievement and feeling of something, "I've done this and that.." humans are not encouraged....
Democracy will also fail....because many a times at least one leader is required to be bold and strong enough to lead from front and sacrifice or fight with negative forces....
Anti stand said, "Why can't all of us fight and take wiser decision by involving everyone..."
The googly man said, "Not every one can devote his life or such decision and be part of government, hence, some people have to be representative...."
However, the hard hitter man said, "The representative democracy has destroyed India as people have ways to become leader by playing with rules and regulations and......."
One old man said, "Boys, I know better leader than all you have seen till date....but...they have gone out of public domain and are living saintly life alone in Himalayas.... as they felt 50 years ago was not right time..."
I objected, "When will there be right time Grand-fathers and uncles.... at that time ...when 100 odd countries going into the hands of negative people?.... or when they capture half of the countries and destroy their economies and even steal away atom bombs?  ... why do we keep talking why can't we take decision and do something? If seniors like you just raise one voice there are millions who will come forward to make this world right....Today in 1987.... the corruption is so rampant and if you people have had stopped this in 195o's itself...the rampant corruption would not have been there....Do you know I'm not appearing for IAS exams because the fixers are there and I don't want to go into Government jobs...and I know many in VRCE ( Today's VNIT) who are preparing for GRE and TOEFL, to go to USA for studies and for settlement due to your indecision...Do you know they start this preparations in 2nd year of engineering itself....if all these intelligent students leave then? By 2000 AD none of my classmate you'll find living in India...except me."
"Do you know another side to this, is, you're making India unlivable for us...." "Also,  irrespective of caste and creed and religion....There are my friends namely Daniel, Anand, Javed, Vaibhav, ... all...are going for USA and I know them they are 100%'ers, we can imagine what IIT'ens and IIM's are doing may be a teenager I'm worried about this world."... (Lot of people laughed...)
..... You teach Chanakya, this and that... but why can't a strong vigilant department be there to let India be governed properly.... doesn't our leaders in the Municipal Corporations,  State Assembly or Parliamentarian leaders review every morning what they are going to do that day...aren't they taking "Guptachar" reviews about situations around, aren't they making every project lead to completion...? In case they are not trained to govern honestly and truthfully for the benefit of nation/ humanity, then why are they made leaders?"
Why can't we have democracy where each person represent the government and not fantastic leaders? Are we doubting the best creation of God that's the ability of every human being? 
Grand pa, one of my friend's aunt had a talk with PM of Switzerland in the Bus...when she visited the place. Why can't our PM travel in the Bus...or local trains and walk with the common man? Why they are given so much undue importance? Why film-star is given more importance than a very-good doctor who saves lives of many?....Why importance is not given to soldier sacrificing on border but the "CM or PM catches the cold" kinds of news?.... I had shown him that news on that day in one of the national daily. 
... At this the grand pa asked me to wait and said, "Just wait....we know, what you're saying...we'll do something least convey the agony of simple citizens of India like you to higher authorities in governments and political parties and places....of importance, because at least you talk in public or even in debates, others are afraid of jobs or family or this or that...we know we're not living for ourselves, (including you my boy), or for only for our families we're living for society... we've lived here we'll give back to society before we die, that's for sure."
Thanks to all those strong leaders.....imagine everyone had the capability to lead the world....but just that grand pa was the oldest one he was revered and everyone listened to him carefully....that's Indian culture....which teaches patience and perseverance and respect to olders...elders.... and what not since millions of years. 
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, Nagpur, India

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Here after only those economies will survive and sustain which can create multi-million, in fact billions of jobs and let them sustain

Here after only those economies will survive and sustain which can create multi-million, in fact billions of jobs and let them sustain:
I was in DataPro in 1999-2000 A.D. when it suffered a 500 million loss and when we got lay off. 
The news among my friends and family spread, that, he has got lay off.
Someone said, "Waah bhai Ashish you got lay off.... you deserve it? You should get better prize than it...." When I told him, what is lay off, he said, "Sorry." None in the government departments working around in Pune understood  what's it? Also, at that time, there were few organisations and jobs were less.... So, one of the uncle, said, "Ashish, if you really need job go on the railway station and do labor work." I said, "Done, there is nothing wrong in it, work is work for me."
Next day, I went to Railway station, demanded a work to the boss there... he asked, "Not seen here you boy here...." I said, "Uncle, I lost my job and hence to feed myself at least than my family I'm here." He said, "You seem to be quite learned boy." I told him about it. He said, "Boy if you do this work then what about children who cannot study after 10th grade/ class? Where should they get job, if you people start capturing such jobs?.... Please leave such jobs for them..." I said, "Ok, uncle, " and left.... the Pune Railway Station and went and told this fact to Uncle who suggested me to try this.....
Came Nagpur to meet my family, one person said, "You might not be working hence got lay off?" I told him, "In that case note is working in my company as everyone got lay off..." I had to explain how we got lay off...
Then in the economic down fall, went on to apply for job to 11000 a call from few, but preferred Ph.D. after Doctorate, Symbi called but by that time, I went on to understand the real life at every level in society....billionaire family to penury ridden families.
Durin Doctorate, for surveys and studies, and to understand the life and management subject well, went to more than 5000 organisations around the world, may it be public sector, private sector, NGO, SHO, this and that... recorded data of more than 2200 of them.... understood how really the life goes on in a real laborer's life, junior workers, middle level managers, CEO's and owners of the companies. Seen good owners, bad owners, equally well. 
Some times felt this world is not fare, not just, not worth living for many in the human society...felt why everyone should not get proper "Sanskar", education, for life worth living? ... The most painful day in my life was...when...I had seen children running for the same food for which even dogs were running to get once thrown out of 5 star hotel in Mumbai, .....when asked came to know.....their parents got lay-off in one company shut down, ...Had seen highly skilled labors became job less as they had spent their whole life doing one kind of work/ job and those skills were worthless the age of 55 when whole family was dependent on them, ... had seen students of the age of 60 learning software to get job to feed family, .... sometimes felt this world is cruel to them...have seen people engrossed in bad to worst activities after the job loss.....what is job loss and how it affects the families was great experience....
In fact, I claim, here after only those economies will survive which can create multi-million in fact billions of jobs and let them sustain, otherwise, billion to trillion to quadrillion is of no use to humankind going into only few hands. 
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, Nagpur, India

Why ideal people are hated during their life time even banished, or killed;and later are worshiped?

You take example of Sant Dnyaneshwar, Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Socratic, Jesus Chirst, even Prabhu Ramchandra, .... list is unending...
Why human civilization, systems, procedures, offices, work culture are such that it never supports the honest, truthful and godly and saintly people? 
My question is, why some one like Lincoln has to apply for several times and fight election and to become President of USA , why could not the wise people realized his potentials? Why was he killed? Are we moving towards ...???
Gandhiji was hated by few people, now, there is no end to movies on him winning accolades and Gandhigiri kind of things, people follow it for few days and later?????
Why the society hates ideal people?
Once, I went for an interview, some one said, "He is too idealistic, in fact ideal personality, ... not fit for this job...we want someone else..." Since, then, I was thinking on it. Then he offered me tea, coffee, and asked in lighter vein what drink and parties?" I said, "I don't take this, my work itself is Ganga/ water and Amrit/ milk for me, and of course, these are the only drink-worthy liquids and I don't go to party for wasting time, in that place, I read or write or spend time with family. Why party is needed, if it's an organisation we should meet in office, and if wavelengths matches with my family our families can meet or a family meet for the whole organisation is also enough. Then he said, "You're  not fit for this organisation." .......Later on I worked in UPES at VP level, and ... later...when I had meeting with that person, "How can company like UPES select you as VP, didn't they got anyone better?" I just said, "They looked at what professionally I can do for them and not asked me whether....". Later he said, "But of course they might have hired you at Assistant Professor level and let you boast outside." I said, "No, I'm full fledged Professor, and my family needs are less..."... Then, I told him I was also Director in Rai University, Bangalore campus, but, had no problem, in Symbiosis International University, and in Alliance University or even in Canada, there was no problem... I think, you've to rethink the value system to survive in globalized work culture, where some takes coffee, ...milk,....mineral water, ...go to party or don't go to party, ...etc. We have worked with them and accommodated them, plurality is life. 
We are too humble before giants I have mentioned here, but, just compare, same things have happened with Dnyaneshwar Maharaj he had to prove something below his par, .... and then society accepted him... but frankly this world is so fantastic he had to attain the Sanjivan Samadhi....However, when he was alive not even a million people followed him, but, now.....multi-millions follow him...even demand to let their wishes come true... that's the problem with the society and the whole political and world system in this world. 
So question was same 1000 years ago, 100 years ago and even 100 seconds ago, why ideal people, are hated....and have been kicked out of families, societies and organisations and even from Nations and some of them are now been worshiped...?
Gandhiji was even lot of things have been written about him... Secrete  had to drink hemlock poison, Jesus ....was crucified... Most important thing is people who heard, made it unheard, ......were / are equally responsible for not raising voices at that time and hence even after 2000 years we're facing similar problems. 
Prabhu Ramchandra was even banished...if you think mortally he was banished from family and kingdom of whom he was to be the King...and was trying to find limitations of human life...and live within that, even though he had unlimited powers....was trying to help humans.
Why some one taking stand of our own human society is killed, hated, banished, kicked out, .... 
Dr.Ashish Manohar Urkude, Nagpur, India

Sunday, September 06, 2015

"Are humans building myopic systems and vindictive projects in which last in the queue or needy person should not get the benefit?"

"Are humans building myopic systems and vindictive projects in which last in the queue or needy person should not get the benefit?"

Look at all the public scams in the world, they were meant for public and for the last person in the queue, however, till date, .... little benefits have reached to needy person.
Whether it's fodder, wheat on ration, or rice on ration or....this and that.

I asked my father, "Can't the Garibi i.e. People Below Poverty Line come up in India?"
He said, "Never."

Hence, my above question.... go the world over... picture is same.... always say such things and cannibalism in humans are equivalent, because, the person who takes away major share deprives the person who needs it... and s/he dies soon....

I'm challenging the wisdom of all wise, in fact, all humans in the world on this issue as I feel Millennium Development Goals (MDG) seems to be Million Year Development Goals (MYDG).

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, 

Fear of losing knowledge, skills, power and authority, money: Typical Imperialistic high handedness

A few years ago, we're at workplace, and were talking about giving away whatever we have. I said, I'm willing to give what ever I have, knowledge, skills, power, authority, money.... I did and was happy, said, "Maja aa gaya" i.e. "So happy to willingly give something with whole heart-edly, with full capacity of brain and with whole of the soul for betterment of the society....."
Someone even said, "They are exploiting you, and they are treating you as monkey and you're working for peanuts". .... Few said, "You've done 5 years job in 1 year....." etc. However, willingly I was trying to learn more by giving more. I've seen happy face of god after I gave away last drop/ penny/ ... I had. 
However, when it came to some others. 
First person said, " I can't give away my knowledge, if I lose my knowledge none will come to me."..... First time in life, I heard, we lose knowledge but giving fact, it increases many folds after giving away...but...we're helpless...
Second person felt same-thing for his power, third for his wealth, fourth for his skills, ..... list continued. 
Even, later; I left that place, seeing at the end of the life somehow I've to give away these things then why not now? Let's try it now....  
I'm happy to do all this and my family is also happy, however, the people I left keep calling..... Why and how should it happen?
Imagine, if everyone gives sometime for the society in hey days, as well as after retirement, what change they can make in society? 
I  had one research paper on it, if everyone with his 1% of wealth can create and change someone's life positively, and, they will not have fear of losing but the world will be different....
If everyone, teaches skills not only to his/ her family but to needy and capable ones, there will be more employment generations.....
I know few organisations that work for physically challenged people, the first generation worked hard, however, their all children got settled in USA, also, these people were busy in so much politics that others who really wanted to contribute, were already ran away, now...... none.... absolutely none are coming to take initiative due to the word that has got leaked out about imperialistic mind set, high handedness, ....we want our community person to lead....we want such person, such-such person.... etc. 
Thus, if powerful people instead of wasting time in petty things, do accommodate more and do succession planing with good and able people then leadership vacuum that many political parties, corporate, academicians,  organisations, institutes, SHO, NGO, Public Sector, families, business conglomerates, governments, .... etc. are facing and will face ......will not be there. 
Same with knowledge and other things.
Ex. About knowledge, Trust me, what ever knowledge is on Google.. or on internet..... it's not even a drop in the ocean of knowledge... is my experience.. hence this effort...
Aum. Amin. Amen. 
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude, Nagpur, India