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Talent is universal and every entity is talented (poem)

Talent is universal and every entity is talented (poem)

Korean homeless boy a good singer: Same story in every nation

I can quote many talent shows performers here, and some unknown  perfomers whose performace could not be recorded.

Also, watch the crow skating, insect larvae response to the sound, frog seating in human position, etc. a nice video collection on yahoo, which supports this claim:
Intelligent animal being trained:
Larvae responding to the noise/voice:
horses pulling a giant truck/tractor tralier carrier:
(Poem: When I was on the bed and taking medicines for muscle pull, when it clicked)

Talent is universal and every entity is talented, and

You just need eyes to capture it,

Ears to listen to it,

Brains to evaluate it,

Mind to grasp it,

Legs to go and watch it,

Tongue to appreciate it,

Hands to create it,

Talent is universal and every entity is talented, and

Just look at the Sun,

It glows,

Provides life to its own solar system,

Provides gravitational pull-push for stability.

Talent is universal and every entity is talented, and

Just look at Wind,

It flows ,

Provides breather to living and non living entities,

Makes birds and airplanes fly,

Makes it rain,

Talent is universal and every entity is talented, and

Just look at any bird,

It flies,

Avoids getting captured by enemies,

Feeds its little ones,

Protects the family and nest,

It requires huge talent to survive

Talent is universal and every entity is talented, and

Look at the virus,

So tiny,

It can be crystallized like molecules,

It can penetrate the strongest animals,

Survives the atrocities of enemies and medicines,

Generates and regenerates amazingly

Talent is universal and every entity is talented, and

Just look at a non attractive stone,

So talented to hide,

So fixed to its position and survives for millions of years,

So much it suffers, as wind, water, sun all try to convert it to pieces,

Talent is universal and every entity is talented, and

This we have seen,

Hence, my fellow human beings,

Why can’t talent be there in unknown people?

They could be rich or poor, or this or that,

You just have to catch talent, and let it grow

Let’s unearth talent more and more,

Let’s not suppress talented people

Who knows, a miracle may happen if we do so?

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

Swami Vivekananda's original speech

Swami Vivekananda's original speech

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

If you cannot fix it, donot break it, the best environmental awakening call by a child in UNO

"If you can't fix it, don't break it," the best environmental awakening call by a child in UNO:
Worth listening:

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

Sunday, May 13, 2012

IAS is popular career in Jammu and Kashmir, and some inspirational stories of IAS toppers

IAS is popular career in Jammu and Kashmir, and some inspirational stories of IAS toppers

Many my friends can't Imagine this.

They herad IIT'ens going for IAS, Doctors going for IAS, MBA's going for IAS, name a few, but living in J &K and going for IAS and getting selected and then serving their country, they couldn't believe it.

In fact, now a day, Really a good career and working culture can change the scenario of the world. Job and conducive atmosphere to live has become most important for any place to grow/develop/prosper it seems, apart from medical facilities, education facilities and proper supporting infrastructure and human resource support.

Let's see some inspirational stories available on Google, all URL/ website keepers, are contributing for the welfare of human societies hence, hat's off to them.

I came to know following story from Amar Ujala Dehradun, page 14, on the occassion of Mother's day, great of this our sister, her performing well has been quoted by her mother. In fact, this IAS topper'r name is Dr. Syed Sehrish Asagar and her story appears all around the world.

Kindly read more such inspirational stories:

This is a devoted blog for IAS toppers it seems from the name:

IAS toppers:

Ms. Divyadarshini, 2010:

Mr. Manish Ranjan 2009:

2007 M. Raju: A comprehensive interview:

coming more.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Academic Rigour : What is it? How is it implemented across the world?

Academic Rigour : What is it? How is it implemented across the world?


1. Some University/Institutions give more importance to creativity,,_action,_service

2. Some to curricula, some to content,

3. Some to dexterity,

4. Some to depth of knowledge,

5. Some to contact sessions (lectures/ class room sessions),

6. Some to practical knowledge,

7. Some to integration of theory with knowledge,

8. Some to application of theory to every day life,

9. Some like UGC even gives importance to evaluation, system and monitoring methods, quality of teaching and learning:  especially page 15 and 16

10. Some give importance to combination or add some value to everything in these points by setting up a tone of we are building centers of excellence, and we have International Business is at focus, or Dentistry or Surgery or CFD or CRM or child education or name a few.

11. Some give much importance to credits offered

12. Some give importance to creating leaders in their own domains, etc.

Thus, Academic Rigour becomes really worth studying.

13. In Gurukool system in past Vedic System, Teacher-Guru was watched and followed in daily life by the students/disciples. Some times even debated on certain issues like why this medicine is better on this disease and why not this....etc. However, Guru were open minded and self/continuous learners at that time. Some were even enlightened souls like Guru Yadnyawalkya/Yagyavalkya, Lord Buddha, Lord Shrikrishna, and others to name a few.

14. Some give importance to learning by doing,

15. Some give importance to, stay put and watch and learn, Ex. "Let him be here for at least one year, he'll automatically learn by helping seniors and asking and with his will of curiosity". Ex. In the Automobile/ Machine Shop, we learnt a lot from seniors over their during our First Year of Engineering. Apart from Practical Lab session, which we used to complete in an hour, we spent time of 2 to 3 hours and learnt how other practicals are performed, and one of the Lab attendant said these important words.

16. Some give importance to dealing with cases. Ex. Management, Medicines, Pharmaceuticals, Business, Law/Legal Studies, etc.

17. Some give importance to projects/thesis by research/ dissertations and the background studies with originality in it. They even check plagiarism in the contribution and even some may reject the thesis on the ground of lack of originality except for the references.

18. In some cases, theory is given more importance than practical knowledge because of their unique pedagogy, ex. BA/ B.Sc. Economics with Honours.

19. Some even give importance to how teacher is teaching and analyze the teacher’s teaching in-front of students and hence, faculty as well students have to remain on tows all the times

20. Some give importance to Teaching Core, domain cources, and specialised courses+ Lesson Plan + Research done in industry + Consultation + Contribution to the Institutions + Placement of students + Industry Collaborations + Projects Brought + Good Students Attracted in the School for admission, + Books Written + Research Paper Published + ....a typical Business School Approach ( that many of us might have faced till date, as it becomes more academic rigor for faculty than a student executive, as many a time students are also involved in it so that next generation also gets trained and....).

21. In Military Schools, apart from this your ability to defence or military domain/ punctuality/ discipline/ mannerisms/attendance/ physical fitness/ ...etc. are also counted.

22. Some give much importance to pedagogy that they have designed and to fundamentals, and

23. Some even do not compel students to attend classes, as students’ self study is their motto and they get that kind of brilliant students.

Thus, “You name it and you have it in the Academic Rigor” is what I always say to students, when I told them, “You’ll be getting same MBA degree what even HBS students get, hence, you’ve to differ yourself and compete with them as well”.

To Engineering Students, I say, “You’ll be getting degrees similar to MIT’ens get .....”

24. I’m proud to tell you that recently I was given highest marks when I implemented academic rigor with 96.1% success over the scale of 100. It’s the highest in its class.

25. In the distance learning sometimes even the number of assignments submitted is also important.

26. In the 360 learning, online learning and teaching is there, and quizzes, online exams, timely/ with deadline submission of assignments, plays a vital role.


Article on Academic Standards:

AMAZINGLY IT HAS ARCHIVE OF Albert Einstein's Diploma as well, hat's off to Wikipedia.

Some articles:

Some other stuff for reference on Wikipedia:

Even University and Colleges have this domain while they are ranked across the world:

coming more.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

Friday, May 04, 2012

Analyses of LIFE on A to Z and 1 to 100 scale, with occasions

Analyses of life on A to Z and 1 to 100 scale, with occasions

1 of y/our achievement or debacle = 1 count.....may it be big or small. E.g. Winning chess championship @ age of 12 was more important for me than becoming VP at this age or winning Frog race at the age of 4 was more important for me than both of this, as I got ice cream that day and I was really happier than both of those occasions. Also, standing 2nd in the class of 50 in the 4 the grade (standard) was bigger achievement for me than standing 2nd merit in the whole University. Hence, though it is relative still a gross figure can tell you the fare analyses of life.
Also, in a profession, getting PhD even when I got a lay off from a company and had no penny to go to University for PhD Viva-voce, and then 'Walking for PhD viva for 4 kilometres' was a bigger achievement for me than wandering a whole Singapore in the car of my father.
Another example of my friend, for him winning the swimming competition in a class of 50 out of which only 5 could swim, at the age of 10 was more important than, today swimming 10 kilometres in a one go.
For my child cooking round chapati @ age of 3 is more important than playing in a cold whether in a garden.
There is no end to this discretion. You are best judge and evaluator of yourself, as you know exactly what is what in each of your own case, as your own conscience was present with you all the times.

A= Achievements on 1 to 100 scale (Count: 5= 5 times world champion, etc.)
B=Boredom time on 1 to 100 scale
E= Felt like Elephant= 1 to 100 scale (Count: When became world champion= was 2nd time in 1985, When win the Olympic medal= 1st time in 1983, etc. )
F=Failures= 1 to 100 scale (Count: 1st time, Failed in Olympic trials though was national champion 1982, etc. )
Z= ...
The table could be modified and made more complex or simple according to the requirement and mastery over the statistics/mathematics,....
No copy right, No Patent for this, a loud thinking for all around the world, so that world becomes a better place to live hereafter for every entity at every moment and there is a competition to help each other to achieve more.
coming more.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

Some interesting surveys worth reading in 2011-12

Some interesting surveys worth reading in 2011-12

Extreme Supply Chains:

Shipping companies:

World's best Airlines 2011:

Europe's best low cost airline 2011:

How to avoid legal troubles while doing business in China:

Fastest growing seaports around the world:

The major reasons, why outsourcing has increased?:

The most popular social media web sites:

Top Air Freight companies:

Top shipping companies in Middle East:
TNT the winner of SCATA award 2011:

The best and the worst degrees to have, especially Masters?:

What best you must do when unemployeed?

Why Journalism is the best job?:

There investments have midas touch, in technology domain:

Is American Education System obsolete?:

Will social websites and Google disappear in coming years?:

How to increase revenue by stopping to sell?

Nine dangrous things taught in school days/ childhood?

Look at the volumes the billionairs loose or gain?:
Real time listing on


The Fastest growing University Endowments:

Forbes global 2000:

Top paid CEO of 2012:

Largest USA Chairies:

The Best Business Schools:

Mining on the Small Planets for platinum etc. precious metals:

Why Entrepreneurship  wings of Business / MBA Schools have failed?:

The top/best 10 countries to live, 2011 survey results:

The company having most online satisfied cusomters:

How retailers are focused and not complaining about economies downfall etc.?:

Happiest people live in which country?

People are spending more, now a days?

Why do people migrate to places?:

University ranking done by Spanish firm Consijo Superior de investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC):
World Ranking:
South Asia:
North America:
Latin America:
Arab World:

World Wide Consumer Confidence Survey by Forbes:

UGC's survey of Indian Higher Education in 2011-12:

The Best Blogs, Websites, Social Sites, Internet Based ......for the yeat 2010-2011-2012:,28757,1999770,00.html,28757,2087815,00.html,28757,2075431,00.html

The most read opinions:

The useful website of the world:

The most read news on youtube in 2011:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1024&bih=424&ion=1&wrapid=tljp133717615773400&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=w1&gl=IN

Some more: Next big market for growth on rediff:
OECD ranking for best countries to live:
Biggest Engineering companies around the globe:
World's biggest food as well as beverage companies: with Nestle as rank 1:
Biggest revenue genration, still Exxon leads the world:
Google leads the best companies to work:
Biggest pharma org in the world:
Costliest projects in the world: Interstate highways-USA is costlier than International Space Station project:
India has most number or heritage trains in the world:
Busiest Ports:
Busiest Airports:
World's most picturesque airports: With Changi leading:
Best / worst countries to live:
Some stunning malls and supermarkets:
world's 10 largest airlines: Delta leading with 744 fleet:
World's best airports: Hongkong leading at present:
Top cities to live in India: I think Nagpur is missing in this, which I rate number 1 city to live if the industries get developed:
The countries to do business better: Singapore leading:
Worlds' smartest supercomputers:

World's richest sports teams, lead by Manchester United with $1.86 billion:

Best web sites for women:

Jobs, highly paid but don't require a UG/PG/PhD degrees: McKinsey Survey:

World's most famous introverts:

Best jobs for youngies:

Jobs that are facing obsolescence:
They will no more exist?

Top Public Relations Jobs:

Top ranked college majors/ degrees:

Truly 5 major qualities/ attributes of respectable achievers:

Top 10 extinct species on earth: It's a 2009 survey:

Top 10 accidental inventions: It's a 2008 survey:

Top 10 extreme scientists, a survey: It's a 2008 survey:

Aliens can survive the earth trip due to strong resistivity: It's a 2007 survey:

Bacteria / Viruses and Microbes that survived  400000 X g (gravitational force) and hyper accilarations:

Impacts of asteroids have spread life on earth as well as beyond our solar system:

Explorations under sea bed, and even after high force, pressure, forced liquid, the microbes survived came alive:

Top 10 reasons to believe in Aliens and ET life and Drake's Equation: Really nice one;

World's most mystrious unsolved mysteries:
Google Earth Anamolies:
It's discovering hidden facts of earth from sky, really great contribution from Google.

World's longest living species:
Surprisingly jelly fish can go to childhood and adult age at will hence it has no aging and dying cycle, at present scientists feel, aprt from those million years old viruses.

Bizarre Genetic Engineerings:

coming more.
Thanks to all the websites, and URL keepers.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

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Amazing facts about High Speed Trains around the world and going beyond

Amazing facts about High Speed Trains around the world and going beyond

List of highspeed trains:

A Prototype of TGV-France travelled almost one million kilometres:
(TGV= Train à Grande Vitesse, meaning high-speed train)

Wuhan–Guangzhou High-Speed Railway (China):

Speed records on the railway tracks:

ICE Germany:

Shinkansen/ Bullet Train (Japan):

Super conducting magnets of MAGLEV:
Daejeon, South Korea:
Space Age Automated Guided Transit (AGT):
India: MAGLEV India: Mumbai-Nagpur first project:


South Africa Train Testing:

The real challenge would be Train of high speed going through every country, across Indian-Pacific-Atalantic oceans and then next level would be Earth-Moon-Mars-...out of Solar System. Our Aims and Targets must be like that only and deadlines must be 2200 A.D. Otherwise human beings will live on the Earth and will die on it, and will not wander and experience the ocean of the space though they have so much talent, skills and brains and soul to soul contacts and what not they have?

coming more.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude


BASEL 1, 2, 3 worth reading

as it has direct impact on finance and banking sector.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Why can't we have performance, welfare and growth related politics around the world?

Why can't we have performance, welfare and growth related politics around the world?

Just see the ranking of USA top 25 cities:
Every country and provinces must compete positively with each other for such development.

Another aspect about GDP of cities:
New York's Gross Domestic Product is bigger than Korea,
Other cities around the world and their GDP:
Comparison of Indian States with the countries around the world:
Emerging Cities and Comparisons:

Now, Take sample example in India, that has brought this thought to be put here:
In Nagpur, Maharashtra, MIHAN i.e. Multi-Modal International Cargo Hub and Airport was planned but I've not seen its happening and this project has not seen yet, the light of the day, since 2005?:
Another fact is a MAGLEV high speed train is planned between Mumbai-to-Nagpur, 1000 kilomtres, it also has not seen light of the day. I must confess here the fact that, I'm highly ignorant about politics, I understand language of welfare-growth-development benefits to all on earth.

Almost, 250 million central India populations could have been benefited with this project, with rough calculation of 100 to 250 cargo aircrafts landing everyday and the kind of road, rail, IT, manufacturing, transportation, Supply Chain, etc. projects ....came up. Lot of jobs could have been created thus supporting the welfare of masses. It's the lack of job that has forced many negativities around the world, thus, positivity would have been injected in this undeveloped central part of India. But, ....this but,....kills the development of entire human civilisation, otherwise after 1969, we would have made our human base on MOON by now, and 2nd generation of scientists would have started on MOON itself, and by 2020 we would have been talking of spreading wings to MARS, and by 2050 on TITAN and by 2100 on Pluto and then beyond.

Similar cases are there all across the world.

Hence, this request to whole human civilisation.

Let masses as well as classes get benefited and let's have performance, welfare and growth related politics around the world.

In fact, if by 2100 A.D.human beings do not set up base on Pluto then, take it granted we have not yet developed, and we are underdeveloped civilisation, as compared to others existing in multiple locations in the multiple galaxies. That's the REAL BENCH MARK we must SET UP.

coming more.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,