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Extremophile: Species that live in extreme environments

Extremophile: Species that live in extreme environments

Worth Reading.

There are 8.4 million species predicted in various mythologies in India called 84 lakhs of species we could not even locate half of them till today. Hence this attempt of awareness.

Are we up to the mark to detect species?

Do we have to define life again to reach that 8.4 million number?

Are we too conservative about our efforts?

Are we up to the mark?

More wider research is required.

If fact at some time some one can prove that species can live any where in the Universe or multiverse. Even on the SUN, yes I mean it, moon, Quasars, Pulsars, all the planets of our Solar system, but of course if we have REAL vision to watch the species and we are acceptable to that.

I AM SURE WE ARE NOT AT OUR FULL PACE WHICH IS REQUIRED TO FIND SO MANY SPECIES. We are slow and at this pace of scientific development humanity cannot survive with SCIENTIFIC Achievements alone. Humanity is wasting its 6 billion population is fullish things. We are not utilising human talent well. This is frank analysis. Only one nation, only selected few, only few organisations, only favourites cannot help survive humanity it requires involvement of larger ethical masses for and survival and welfare of all the human beings.

We have to increase the speed to go to places in the present Universe. Then only we can find multiple Universes and billions of species around the Cosmos.

NASA into this venture:

coming more.

Country Rankings from various perspectives: Thanks to Wikipedia

Country Rankings from various perspectives: Thanks to Wikipedia

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Industry around the World: Thanks to Wikipedia

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Industry around the World: Thanks to Wikipedia

Computer Industry:

Major Companies around the world:

Consumer Electronics Segment:
Digital Camera and Storage Devices:
Mobile Phones/ Cell Phones:
Mobile Marketing Association:
Number of Cell phone users around the world: An Analysis:

Computer Hardware:

Biggest Companies in the world:
Software 500:

Software 100:

Biggest Organisations by Revenue: 2008:

List of largest technology companies around the world:
Silicon Valley:
Software companies in Bangalore, India:
Around Toronto, Canada:,_Canada
Software consulting companies:
Software Vendors around the world: Independent:
Software Developer:
Games Development:
Software Industry:
Software Computer Dictionary:

Value Added Re-Seller:

Original Equipment and Design Manufacturer:
Business Model:

Intellectual Property

Semiconductor Fabrication Plant:
Pre Semiconductor Foundry:

World Association:

Awards: WISTA Global Excellence Award:

Forbes Global 2000: 2007

Fortune 500 global:

Computer Industry:

coming more.

Automotive Manufacturers around the world: A list by Wikipedia

Automotive Manufacturers around the world

Thanks to Wikipedia:



See the technology development, the manaufacturing plants, models, the locations around the world.

The Ferrari Website:

The Founder: Enzo Ferrari:

One of the best work places in Europe:
The main plant location:

On The wikipedia:

Private Testing Track:

Fiorano Circuit:

2010 model: Millechili:

coming more.

New Companies bill in India

New Companies bill in India

Hubble Telescope

Hubble Telescope

The eye of humanbeing towards Universe and Multiverse. It is getting modified for better vision and clarity and for better analyses.

NASA website:


Other websites:

6th pay commission and State Governments

6th pay commission and State Governments
A good article.

UN helping Bihar, India's flood affected province

UN helping Bihar, India's flood affected province
Thanks to Economic Times.

Since time unknown, it is flooding in Bihar, Bangladesh, West Bengal, and such areas in India.

Hope scientists and concerned people find out solution to use this huge bulk of water for positive purpose.
I hope they will find out a solution to supply this excess water in water dry regions. Otherwise India is classical country with contrasts. In Kashmir there is snow, in Bihar there is flood, in Rajasthan and in Maharashtra and Gujarat there is dry out. If the scientific, government, corporate and social community can bring in some balancing act, India will be benefited a lot.

Let us hope for better today, and tomorrow.

Dr. Ashish Urkude

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gallup, on Talent Management

Gallup, on Talent Management:

Stregnth based hiring:

Article on biggest Internet scams

Article on biggest Internet scams

There are many other articles on this issue on computer related website but this is a handy article.

Powerful women 2008

Powerful women 2008:

Everyday war and fight to find way in heavy traffic jams. People said that hell is better than traffic jams.

Everyday war and fight to find way in heavy traffic jams. People said that hell is better than traffic jams.

Just come to Bangalore.

Find the traffic jams.

Find that cycles, motorcycles move on the footpaths.

Where there are no signals people go, let go.

Traffic police / attendatns exposed to height of pollusions.

People go late to office students reach late at schools.

Go to New York find traffic at its pick and rush hours.

Today, People said hell is better than traffic jams. Even the ambulance move slowly in emergant situation in traffic jams. Developing nations cannot afford helicopter services.

Patience of many tested at extreme in certain situations. There is limit to flyovers being built, few authorities said.

People who waled were happy lot but were worried a lot over traffic and fast moving two wheelers, however, they said two wheeler drivers are extra cautious now a days though they are faster but have lot of control over their cruising.

Traffic and signals failure ....

coming more.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Words of Wisdom from Mr. Tata

Words of Wisdom from Mr. Tata

Thanks to rediff.

Three Gorges Dam: Chinese creation or great human efforts?

Three Gorges Dam: Chinese creation or great human efforts?

Look at the human efforts been put from multiple countries.

The architect, the organisations, ....were from China, Germany, USA, ...

While VSG-Voith, Siemens, General Electric (GE), and Alstom, Kvaerner, ABB, China Development Bank, has people from more than 150 countries.

Thanks to

Great human efforts, hope environmental and relocation issues has been dealt properly.

Success, The best way to revenge failure

Success, The best way to revenge failure

Just in the morning I came across this sentence. It shows there is no villain in your life, it is your own self that you compete with, if you fail in achieving something. In Bhagavatgita also this has been proved by lord Shri Krishna, 5000 years ago.

'Thinking narrowly', as much as I can, in terms of studies and trying to score 100% marks, is the Success and scoring less than 100% is failure for few people. However, if they achieve it they think they are successful.
It once happened that due to high fever I could not study thoroughly, still I appeared for exams. For me success would be scoring 75% but I went on to score 86%, that's called super success my mother, friends and relatives said. However, once, I was expecting 60 marks out of 100 in one subject, I scored 39, that was shear failure for me. So, some how I realized that I am not competing with a class of 120 or 1000 students in the University, it is the marks that I am fighting with. Many parents, Professors, students, stakeholders did not agree that there is NO COMPETETION. Later, when I convinced them this is the target, scoring 100% or 75% or 60% as per "the individual's 100%". Then they went on to agree.
Comparison comes when relative grades are there.
Any how no debate.
You might have seen people pumping in air in Olympics. Usain Bolt, had set the target less than 9.7 seconds in 100 meters, he did it, made it 9.69 seconds a new WR, he was competing with time and his body movements. Michael Phelps went on to win 8 Gold, as 7 was earlier set target in 1972 by Mark Spitz. If one decides the target to be 10/ 11/ or higher Olympic Gold Medals as his 100%, may be it is possible for him/ her next.
For few, scoring best time better than his/her earlier could be 100%, which may not fetch Gold but that will be success for him/her. Then here comes the relative terms. One can get a gold only if person is top performer in the finals.
Thus achieving Gold is success for them and achieving it with World Record (WR) is super success for them.
Even though WR are going to be broken by some time still on that particular moment they are the most successful in the world.
Also, Michael Phelps got Silver Medals in earlier Olympic but he and his team took revenge by scoring gold for Michael Phelps. A true spirit.
China had set target of 50 gold medals in present Olympics, they achived it after 90 years of struggle and many after many failures. See this revolution on URL:
Coming to Golf, Nick Faldo was the first person to put golf ball with one shot directly in a hole from the distance more than 100 meters. He was also one of the first to beat one competitor by one shot even without getting a birdie in the final round, when he pared all 18 holes. That is where 100% perfection comes into picture that is what success is.
Thus some times it is said that 'if you are perfect in your job' success follows that person.
I saw many children failing to climb a ladder, or even starting to walk. However, I saw them trying hard and taking revenge on failures by climbing after several attempts. Who says only ants, honey bees, fishes, kinds of other species only work hard. Looking at the efforts children put no one can deny even human beings also work hard.
Look at the human creations around the world. The Underground Railways in so many countries, USA, UK, Canada, India, ….these are all human efforts and success derived after lot of failures. Take few examples like Panama Canal, Suez Canal, Aswan Dam, Three Gorges Dam, there were more failures than success. These huge constructions are not only country specific but are the triumph of human efforts over multiple failures in the past.

Discovering the naval path to India was not an easy task for Columbus. He failed to convince his colleagues many times and even was on the brink of getting drowned however he took revenge with his negative thoughts and was successful in finding a path to what is known as USA and the whole of American Continent. Many say he failed to find way to India but later the continent he found went on to be the most happening place on earth almost for next 500 years.

Abraham Lincoln, failed 17 times and went on to be President of USA. Thus, he is the most experienced person as far as the failures in the Presidential election are considered, this made him more humble and one of the greatest President of USA. HE revenged against himself for failures and was successful in his 17th attempt. Great efforts, devotion and self-belief.

coming more.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

Monday, August 25, 2008

Learning from TCS how to become global giant in its domain

Learning from TCS how to become global giant in its domain
Thanks to

Runways in India

Runways in India:

Thanks to

There is no slow down in corporate Salaries in economic slow down?

There is no slow down in corporate Salaries in economic slow down?

Thanks to

Indian Railway Turnaround

Indian Railway Turnaround

Worth Reading, though it is chewed, churned and assimilated topic by managers.

Great efforts by one and all.

Still there is huge scope at every level in every department to improve, perform well, but what is achieved is also a worth an inspiration for the next generation of leaders and common man.

Multi-Tasking and Time Management

Multi-Tasking and Time Management

It was casual talk with my students when I was authroing a book on s/w and h/w basics in the year 2002 A.D.

What is the best a PC can do?
Multi-Tasking is the best answer, you'll hear from any one.
So your idol and icon is PC?
Yes. It shows me how to multi task and still being able to complete job on time with supporting human efforts and efficient handling.
coming more.

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King is not always the King/ Ruler?

King is not always the King / Ruler?

It seems odd, but it holds true. It has been observed since time unknown, that real leaders and rulers are always different than the known King or the ruler. As in Mahabharata, Shree Krishna was the King Maker and Yudhisthira was King. In Ramayana, Bibishan and Sugriv were Kings while Prabhu Ramchandra was the Kingmaker. Though they were incarnation of God still one must realize that humans cannot be good rulers unless become as pure as God incarnated Ram and Krishna were. Ram and Krishna could think impartially at all the times and their decision always benefited the society at large. Hence, also, Sugriv and Bibishan took shelter in Ram. Yudhishthira also used to consult seniors, and Krishna.

Later during Chanakya era also Gupta King always trusted Chanakya being King maker and had the knowledge and skill to find better for the State.

Even today, PM or President of many countries cannot take sole decision on certain issues they have to consult the parliament, or ministry as we call in India. Some times even Finance Minister take help from experts in their domain areas of expertise. Home Minister discusses issues with Military Forces and others.

Coming to Corporate World, it is said, "No one is individually stronger than all of us together". It is true. Many corporate have excelled well in adverse situations by showing their solidarity while implementing important decisions. Even if that organisation is multinational, multicultural, multi departmental, multi lingual, multi vertical, multi horizontal, still together they have taken decisions and have shown the world that it is not the Leader who stands alone but the organisation as a total.

Thus, many times people say that the real ruler is either the ideology like Parliamentary Democracy or Presidential Democracy or the Socialism, or the King Family under the guidance of well educated, knowledgeable, skilled and wise men, those rule the nations. Sometimes it could be the system, or the powerful people who rule but try to hide and rule. Thus, true rulers remain unknown to the world. Only few names come out in public. Either due to necessity or some other good reasons. Even today, most of the organisations are been ruled by many stake holders having strong influence this way or that way. I heard, even nations are ruled by some classical forces and powerful people and not the nation head. The nation head is a show piece for few years say 4/5/6 years, which keeps changing. Once one of my friend knew this he left politics and he started his own business, thinking at least let's earn money instead of false power. On the other hand there was one friend who dragged himself to politics thinking it brings lot of influence in life and hence joined one political party. One of my friend could know all these things in early child hood, he went on to study from top Technology Institute in the world and got his PhD earned millions for 15 years and now he is devoting his time for social services. He claims, the same that our Seers and Saints have claimed, this world is Void. There are systems that seems to be perfect just to just to tell/ show, but ultimately there is no system as such except the God's own system. He says that even top Kings have left this earth, top scientists, top rulers, top business tycoons have left this earth (died). Hence, before my friend dies he has something to leave behind hence, his social cause. Thus, he says, King is not always the King who rules the nation, there are forces having vested interest that rule the nations.

Let these rulers rule and create heaven on earth. Let every nation become well groomed, where all follow the rules and regulations, follow the systems with ethics and values. Let us not forget humanity is more important than these man made boundries. Let us contribute to make this earth a better today, better than the best tomorrow.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

Friday, August 22, 2008

This is how people celebrate their Birth Day in India

This is how people celebrate their Birth Day in India

1. By traditional "Aukshawan" from family members, especially Mother, Sister, daughter, grand mother in the morning, after the early in the morning bath.
2. Donate some food and cloths to poor and needy.
3. Donation to Mandir/ Masjid/ Church/ Synagouge/ Gurudwara/ ...
4. Sweets distribution among family and friends and relatives.
5. In most of the well educated families, children are provided 12 books as a gift for one year. The aim is to read one book per month. I have seen the growth and increased abilities in such persons. Later, these fellows went on to become top managers, leaders, scientists, politicians, social activists, lawyers, teachers, researchers, etc.
6. Few try to resolute their yearly goals.
7. Few try to keep promises that they have done with mother, or other family members or with boss or to near and dear ones, or any other stakeholders.
8. Few of my friends spend maximum time in "Chintan", "Meditation" so that they realise the basic truths of life well.
9. My Sadguru Swami Madhavnath used to say, "The earlier you realise your self, say before you attain 40 years of age, the better, as in old age even if wish you cannot seat for 3 hours meditation." He used to analyse himself critically and was the most successful in his life at various levels. He selected only few people as his disciple and they were also successful in their life. The criteria was different but Peace of mind and success in the profession and family relations was the main theme among all. Few even put successful mediation ahead of all these. On the birth day, I have seen one businessman disciple of my Sadguru seating for 9 hours meditation.
10. One of my friend in Military Services, donate lot of time and money for the physically challenged people. He started this activity on his 25th Birth day. My father also has done this thing, and my father is his icon.
11. One of my relative an Agriculture Scientist devote his time to educate farmers on various issues. Many farmers are successful under his free and genuine guidance.
12. My sister a doctor/ medical practitioner offers free services to poor and needy.
13. One of the Pundit/ Palmist offer free service on his Birth day.
14. One of the rich person in Maharashtra literally/ actually let his house looted on his birth day.
15. One of the Mango grower distribute one mango each to poor people in Kokan area in Maharashtra on his birthday falling in that mango season.
16. One of the friend offer free meal to poor and needy. Last time he fed almost 1000 poor and needy people through one mandir/ temple management.
17. One of the person cleans the shoes of every devotee coming at the Gurudwara on his birth day.
18. One of my friend invests money for his each family member.
19. One of grand father plants one tree each year and appoint a person to take care for it to grow it and make it fully blossoming tree.
20. One of the grocery shop fellow offers 5% discount on his birthday.
21. One of the petrol pump/ gasoline person owner offer 5 liters petrol to needy person.
22. One of the vegetable vendor donates 5 Kg vegetable to one of the schools for children.
23. One of the pharmaceutical shop owner donates Rs. 1000/= medicines.
24. One of the poor Gardner goes to one missionary and cleans the whole garden and pots on his birth day.
25. One of the two wheeler garage owner an technician actually do not charge for the services on his b'day.
26. One of the "Wada Pav" shop owner feed 10 needy people on B'D free of cost.
27. One of the Auto Rickshaw owner drives one person to his destination free of cost.

There are so many people in this world who are trying to good for this world that this Birth Day special article would be inadequate to hold all of them on this page.

Amen. Om Shanti.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Health plans at your organisations: A Forbes article

Health plans at your organisations: A Forbes article

Lessons from Gaming: Forbes Article

Lessons from Gaming: Forbes Article

The Article:

The slide show:

Good lesson from "Second Life English"

Becoming better corporate member: Forbes article

Becoming better corporate member: Forbes article
2. Dump tmptations:
3. Strategic:

World's Hard working nations: article

World's Hard working nations: article:

(Thanks to the website)


Organisations where investors in USA like to invest: Forbes article

Organisations where investors in USA like to invest: Forbes Article:
Thanks to

Forbes Article: USA's top paid YOUNG CEO's

Forbes Article: USA's top paid YOUNG CEO's


Olympic Gold Medals: Just watch how much practise, efforts have been put up

Olympic Gold Medals: Just watch how much practise, efforts have been put up
(Thanks to all the websites):

How are the olympic medals made?

The events China win the Medals:

The events USA win medals since first modern Olympics:
(Complete Record of USA as on official Olympic website, other country records are also available here)
USA has crossed the mark of 900 medals in modern Olympics.

The events India win:
Gold Medal of Abhinav Bindra with his all records: As on official Olympics website:

The overall Medals tally: O-2008 or O-8: or O8:
Schedules and Results of Olympics 2008:
The official website of Beijing Olympics:
Official Videos on :

It is worth watching, 13 minutes highlights: Opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics 2008: URL:
Just watch how much practise, efforts have been put up.

coming more.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

Progressive Farmers and Agrarians around the world

Progressive Farmers and Agrarians around the world

Being a marginal farmer, who holds less than few square meters/ acres of land, I know the worries and problems of these people. In India they cannot afford for seeds, for water, for digging well in their farm, they cannot afford for the fertilizers. They cannot afford for education of their children and with 1.25 Billion population government of India cannot afford that.

If it rains more than required they lose crop and if it rains less than required they lose crops. Thus, a scissor trap tension to the whole family.

Hence, let us see what progressive farmers are doing and is it possible to replicate the model with certain modification whether these marginal farmers around the world could benefit?

Few examples in the News:

Why GOOD, better, best news are not News? Only BAD and worst things are news?

Why GOOD, better, best news are not News? Only BAD and worst things are news?

Why bad news is a news? Why not good news is a news?
Why there is a movie called Zeher/ Poison? Why not Amrit the Nector?
Balanced News are ok. However, all bad news are becoming news is something.

Especially, when it provokes bad things or provokes bad ethics then it is matter of concern for the society.

Small children playing like 'dhishum' dhishum figthing instaed of some thing good.

Why cannot media promote good things?

Why 90% time is given to useless things on the media?

Future of Ethics, Values ----are in danger.

I was talking to Ethics, it has shown this concern.

I talked to Value, and she said she is in trouble.

Hence, this effort.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mothers who won Olympic Medals including "Female Athlete of the Century" and/ or The Flying House Wife

Mothers who won Olympic Medals including "Female Athlete of the Century" and/ or The Flying House Wife.

Starting from "Female Athlete of the Century", Ms. Fanny Blanker Koen (The Flying House Wife), to latest Ms. Xian Dongmei, there are classical cases in Olympics. Age is no bar when it comes to vision and devotion.

China Post:

About such Mothers:
Fanny Blanker Koen: 1948 Olympics: The Flying Hosue Wife:

Mark Rowswell, Canadian who Mastered Mandarin (Chinese Language)

Mark Rowswell, Canadian who Mastered Mandarin (Chinese Language)

Mark Rowswell, Read on this URL:

Chinese/ Mandarin is Easy, he makes you feel.

World's most expensive city for Expatriates

World's most expensive city for Expatriates:

It is Luanda, captial of Angola, in Africa, and not big cities in the world. It costs $50,000/= per month for groceries, housing rent and other expenses.
While Soul is the number one in Asia.

Read it on the URL:

thanks to the website

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SCRIPTS and Grammer of few languages on Wikipedia (Thanks to website)

SCRIPTS and Grammer of few languages on Wikipedia (Thanks to website)

Great Efforts from Wikipedia.

Sanskrit/ Hindi/ Marathi/ Rajashtani/ (Basic Script Devnagri):



Brahmi Script:āhmī_script





Indo-Aryan Languages:

Danish and Norvegian:



English Grammer:

Arabic Alphabet:

Hebrew, Yiddish and Ladino: Jewish Languages:



Chinese Family of scripts:

Simplified Chinese:

Traditional Chinese:

Culture, Script and Dictionary on Chinese:

Chinese Total Strokes:








Writing system:









coming more.

Some good collection of videos on Indian Independence on

Some good collection of videos on Indian Independence on
Thanks to them.

Without great values and strong ethics can a brand survive for 100 years?

Without great values and strong ethics can a brand survive for 100 years?

The Answer is simply, NO.


Mercedes Benz

coming more.

Home: Why people by houses? See the major reasons

Home: Why people by houses? See the major reasons

For Safety,
For Security,
For availing salary benfits
For spending older life
For making life happier with family
For living 24 X 7 full life
For status
For delighting some one special
For enjoying life
For tenant and business
For reverse mortagage

electricity off.

coming more

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Hobbies play vital role in rejuvenating and refreshing human mind.

See what hobbies people have.

Coin collection:
I have small collection. It includes 150 year old coin as the oldest.
Now see the collection of Farokh S. Todiwala. He is having coin 2000 years old. Great collection.

Match box collection:
I had almost 2500 around the world, and that collection was very much famous. To be precise 26th December, 1982 during our school, Somalwar Ramdaspeth foundation day. It was displayed in the School Gathering in one hall. All 1200 students went and watch it, brought their parents and Friends to see. A special barricade was made to avoid any mishap. My whole family was involved in this activity. Father went to places being in Railways and we went with him and collected it. Great spirit.

Two wheeler collection:

Four Wheeler collection:


Book collection:




Collecting good articles:


Playing some sport:

Helping needy: Social Service:

Playing with children:

Serving pets:


Discussing new topics:

Knowledge Up gradation:

Investing money:



Watch collection:


Collecting memories of military personnel:

collecting statistic on some topic:


Meditation/ Chanting/ Prayer to God:

Passion to be build new technology:

Developing own encyclopedia:

Growing new plants in agriculture land:

Grooming youngies:

Spreading patriotic feelings among all:

Sending Alerts:

coming more with live examples.

India must plan for the year 2016 and/or 2020 A.D. Olympics for rich overhaul of Olympic Medals

India must plan for the year 2016 and/or 2020 A.D. Olympics for rich overhaul of Olympic Medals

Spot the talent at early age, and make a group of 5 to 12 years old children and let us train them till 2016 Olympics and for 2020 A.D. Olympics.
China did that earlier. China took Olympic holiday and when they participated they went on to win huge medals haul. May be, India should not take holiday but should dream and try these things, put forth here.
Ms. Nadia Comanechi, (Nadia means Hope in Romanian language) went on to win Gold medal in Montreal 1976 Olympics, with perfect over all 10 score in Gymnastics, at the age of 14. I t was only due to early spotting and training by the Romanian authorities.
See URL of Wikipedia:
Similarly, there are young road show gymnasts in India who are doing it well on the road everyday. One of them I met was just 5 years old before I could take any action he went away in the train I Was riding, while going to Mumbai. They do it to earn daily bread, why can't they be trained? How about Budhia being trained for Marathon, without being burned out at early age? Remember, only in young age it is possible to serve for country with great valor.
In India and Pakistan, every one knows the example in cricket, Mr. Wasim Akram was spotted by Mr. Imran Khan in his early young age, later Wasim Akram went on to become world class bowler. Similarly, Mr. Sachin Tendulkar and Mr. Vinod Kambli were spotted by Ramkant Achrekar and went on to represent India with great style.
Also, Ms. Marjorie Gestring of the United States was just 13 years old and the youngest in the Olympic History, when she went on win Olympic Gold Medal that too in 1936. Just see countries are planning it since 1930's and India needs to plan for this purpose. See URL: . In fact Swami Vivekananda already had marked this revolution of participation of ladies wings in all the major activities that too in United States in early 1893 it self. He also said in this connection that before you sit for meditation you must have strong body hence try playing foot ball and get yourself fit first and then try mediation, as strong mind always thrives in strong body. He meant to say that spiritual awaking is always possible once one attains strong body and mind.
India's Mr. Abhinav Bindra, was spotted by all around him, but his father went on to invest millions of dollars for his passion for shooting: See the URL:, in 2008, he went on to win Gold Medal in Olympics.
Mr. Michael Phelps was spotted early, trained early and was well encouraged by USA authorities and he is now Olympics’ the greatest: See URL:
Olympic is not one month practice and winning. An Olympic medal goes to them who practice for years, compete in local and major tournaments, and then reduce their errors. Above all, they try to attain flawless perfection. Then these individuals or teams, practice/s under sever critical guidance, and then participate in Olympics and win.
All gold medalists have flawless run in their events otherwise one mistake and you are out in Olympics. Take example of Ms. P. T. Usha of India. She didn't know that one has to bow one's head down and forward it while touching the final thread of crossing in any highly competitive racing. Her competitor bowed her head in 400 meters run, while Ms. P. T. Usha didn't and that one centimeter body tilt cost her one micro second difference and she lost her medal, forget gold medal, she lost bronze medal. See though both of them crossed the final line at the same time but final photo shot had shown this difference and hence this loss, even after her life time devotion. Such kinds of experience/s come only after participating in many events and in loss and win situations. Also, there is one more side. One must participate in every emotion of life and every phase of his present life, i.e. when one feels down what is the time require running 100 meters and if one is in good mood then how much time is required. Thus, experience makes that player perfect in approach. Same thing is possible in other games.
Another thing, Olympics is not an only individual effort.
It required revolution in former East Germany and former USSR. The Governments trained their participant as a pride of / for nation. That's the passion, participation, sponsorship, training, mentorship, and devotion required for Olympics. When these two countries didn't participated in Los Angels Olympics, (though I was child I remember sentence from BBC news), it is, as if a marriage without bride and groom, with only USA as the super power of sports participating and USSR and East Germany boycotting.
Thus, media also thrives on heroism of sports persons and people are always looking for heroic deeds for inspiration; and sports provide more inspiration to Youngies than any other events in the world. E.g. There are more number of fan following in India for European Football than any big country over there by sheer numbers and Beckham or Ronaldo and Ronaldino are bigger heroes for many children than any other. Similarly, Michael Jordon, Tiger Woods, Michael Shoemaker, were/ are more popular around the world than any one player in any other country.
For this purpose only, already few corporate bodies in India have started sponsoring Narain Kartikeyan the F1 driver, Vishwanath Anand the World Chess Champion, kinds of players.
Initiatives are there but it should be at large scale and in every spectrum of sports, and that too with more result oriented approach.
Sports should be bread earning, passion, revolution, business proposition, living style, India.
Ancient History has many records that Kings around the world including India had taken care of the best Shooters...., Samurai..., Runners...,Horse riders, Swimmers..., Wrestlers..., and there used to be competitions may it be internal, provincial, national and international.
One of the best examples could be Milo. His father trained him by calling and asking him to bring bull in his hands. Milo’s father used to call him every now and then. He directed him, “Every time I call you, you must bring that calf lifting in your both hands”. Yes, the bull was calf and Milo was child. Later calf became bull and Milo became strongest man on earth by lifting the bull in his both hands and every time bringing it to his father. A weightlifting champion. See the vision of his father and see the dedication of Milo. Great example for one and all.
In fact, there is example from Ramayana as well. Once he was trained by Vishwamitra, Ram went on to cut down 7 trees at a time with only one arrow. In Mahabharata, Arjun could shoot an arrow pin point even on the ant and that too in pitch dark night by listening the movement of an ant. There was no infrared camera but Arjun could shoot arrow even on ant, away few hundred meters.
Coming to modern era, just what is required is the alignment of business model, individual association, government and/ or corporate support, supporting laws, and balanced life for the players.
In USA, Holland, Australia, an individual can opt for sports as a career but not in India. I have personally talked on this issue with one Asian Games bronze medalist working as a clerk in Mumbai and Pune area in the year 2004. Even after winning medals Government does not take proper care. Few thousand rupees pension cannot solve the problem of bread-butter for family when your children grow up and start going to college. This was his major concern. I know few Mumbai-Pune cyclists who don’t know how to participate in Olympic events. Remember it is 180 kilometers distance. They are doing it often but efforts are wasted because of lack of guidance and support.
"I have seen Indian Hockey Association's grounds in top 25 cities in India, they even don't have barricades and hence few huts and other localities have been grown since long over there", was the remark of one top Hockey player on the News Channel. The reason being no care taker, no this and that.
Few volleyball players complained about basic gears not been provided for practice.
Then, I have seen a complete Sports village-Balewadi, built 25 kilometers away from city- Pune. Everyday, 365 days an year, only 2 players come regularly in the whole stadium. They are just interested in getting government jobs by showing their everyday practices and .... Their coach said they have shorter aims and no Olympic dreams. Thus, it is a matter of better counseling that is required on this issue.
We are not here to criticize any one entity or authority, we believe in positive actions being taken. Already there is less time left. That is why Total Revolution and Evolution is required on this front in India.
Hence, to extend further, few oldies complaint that, the games have changed and games have lost their amateur-ness and natural ness. Hockey is not played on the natural ground any more. Astroturf is required, how many countries can afford such lofty things? Many Indian and Pakistani players have complained about this. They also added that the rules also suit more to European style of playing.
However, Sporting giants around the world train their players as per the new rules, with proactive approach and provide all support and they take care of players like the Fortune 500 companies are trying to provide the internal talented customers i.e. their employees, the life and job satisfaction. Countries are also trying to be like the best employers. For this reason many developing nation players shifted their base to USA or UK or France got trained there and went on to win medals in Asiad, Olympics, Foot ball, etc. events and championships. The best example could be Mr. Rajiv Balkrishnan my childhood friend. He went to USA got trained in athletics and went on to win medal in Asiad for India. Again this is an individual effort like Mr. Abhinav Bindra.
In fact what European Football Clubs are doing? Calling the best talent in the world, paying these talents very well, training them well, giving them life's best experience and hence they survive.
India should try and build their players like above set examples in case they want to win some medals in Olympics few call it, “An Olympic Medal Dream of India”.
In fact corporate, government, sports bodies, international bodies, students’ wings, clubs, sporting organisations, should come together and bring this revolution in India. If 20-20 revolution is possible then why not Olympic Revolution? In fact ICL should not stop only with cricket, they must extend their wings.
If, an MRF foundation is the business model for fast bowlers are there, many such result oriented foundations should be there for every sport. Cricket is not the only game which world plays. There are many games which given small attention can fetch gold for India. Life and sports should be multidimensional and it should display spectrum of shining colors.
Some experts, authorities, organisations should come forward guide these people who need guidance. Thus, Progress and let Progress, should be mantra, as Coach gets his job and learners get their.
India cannot be super power unless it shows its powers in every aspect that every super power is showing. It could be arms race, Olympic medals, Research and development and legal patents, technologies, social fronts, business fronts, infrastructure fronts, travel and tourism, health and safety ... to name a few. Thus, to become super power you require healthy minds and sports can bring that revolution.
It is all leadership and management.
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

Wednesday, August 13, 2008



Thanks to these websites:

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Riffle Fish: Ripley's Believe it or not: Vedio

Riffle Fish: Ripley's Believe it or not: Vedio

Thanks to AXN, Ripley, iShare:

Phelps: Let us try to know efforts put in by Michael Phelps

Phelps: Let us try to know efforts put in by Michael Phelps

Thanks to all web sites.
Seattle Times:
See why records are broken in Swiming:
Trying to be greater than Mark Spitz: 1972:
msn fox,27313,24168982-5014104,00.html,-sets-career-mark


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just Read, how and why Olympic records are broken regularly

Just Read, how and why Olympic records are broken regularly!

thanks to

Problems of Obese people?

Problems of Obese people

Just now I read news in Business Line: Obese man takes rare outing:
It has put the efforts that are required by that individual. It is stated that obesity could be one of the biggest problem in USA in 2025 A.D.

What is obesity?

Other websites:

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Indian Banks have come up with classical ideas

Indian Banks have come up with classical ideas:

Corporation Bank:
Read the Chairman's Address:
(Branchless Banking: Building new trajectory):

Union Bank:
Out station cheque within 6 days or we will compensate. Great.

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Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) exports 'Dhruv' Helicopters

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) exports 'Dhruv' Helicopters
(Thanks to all websites)

HAL web site:
Other HAL press releases on this issues:

Textile Industry in India

Textile Industry in India:

See the Ministry of Textile Data today:

Textile Export increased from 57383 Crores in 2002 to 88031 Crores in in 2007.
It is almost Rs. 400,000 Crore industry, with almost 100,000 crore apparel industry, 200,000 crore fabrics industry and yarn 60,000 crore and Fibre 35,000 crore.
(INR - Rs. 1 Crore = INR or Rs. 10 Million).

Why India is not Multi-Sports Country?

Why India is not Multi-Sports Country?

Unlike, UK, Australia, Russia, Germany, this country is single sport country, everyone enjoys only Cricket. Why?
Is it the problem of India or other countries as well?
Was this the problem in these countries earlier?
How they solved this problem?
Has it some thing to do with losiing the amtureness of the game. E.g. Hockey has lost its natural grass to astro turf and only those who can afford can excel.
I heard till 1960's it was Kabaddi and Hockey.
We are discussing, if you have any input you are wel come. Any question, any suggestion, any answer, any dramatic out come, wel come.

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Stopping Internet, Mobile Financial Scams and Frauds

Stopping Internet, Mobile Financial Scams and Frauds
Thanks to website.
just read.

Forbes Article: Who should be part of G-8

Forbes Article: Who should be part of G-8:

Just read and know what are the views of the Experts:

The strong contenders are India, Mexico, Brazil,China....
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Life: How can it be defined?: Scientists are finding it difficult to define Life

Life: How can it be defined?: Scientists are finding it difficult to define Life:

Thanks to Telegraph:

Creating life in Deadly Virus:

New Life Form: Bradford Bug:

Software that can come to life:

Robots that can built themselves:

Artificial Intelligence can make Robots Dream:

Super Computer Deep Blue beets GM Gary Kasparov:

Robot with human feelings:

Live/ Conscious Computer coming:

Real life and Reel Life : Less difference left:

coming more.

coming more.

Virus and its life

Virus and its life

(Thanks to all websites)


They are at the periphery of living and non living things?
It is a fact that they show living characteristics, and they also show some non living characteristics.
E.g. They suffer from diseases and show living characteristics. On the other hand they show non-living characteristics as they can be crystallised.

See today's news:
They suffer:

Monday, August 11, 2008

Emerging BPO Cities of the World: 6 from India

Emerging BPO Cities of the World: 6 from India

Thanks to Business Line:

What Social Networking has to do with good job? Just have look

What Social Networking has to do with good job? Just have look:

Thanks to following website:

Economic Times:

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

Abhinav Bindra: Congratulations: India's First Individual Gold Medal in Olympics

Abhinav Bindra: Congratulations: India's First Individual Gold Medal in Olympics:

Thanks to following websites:

Economic Times:



Beijing 2008:

Great Well begun is half the future battles won.

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Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude

Attrition Rate in BPO comes down in India

Attrition Rate in BPO comes down in India

Business Dailies/ News Papers in India

Business Dailies/ News Papers in India

Business Line:
Read its details on Wikipedia:
Home Page:

Economic Times:
Home Page:

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Chyawanprash Market is growing

Chyawanprash Market is growing

Rs. 500 Crore / USD One Billion Onward in India.

are major players and many are adding value or are about to enter in this lucrative traditional business.

Read news in

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Great Opening of Beijing Olympics 2008

Great Opening of Beijing Olympics 2008:

Main website:

Official Website of Olympics 2008:

Great Opening of Beijing Olympics 2008

Probably, China has shown its real might. It has shown the glimpses of its vast cultural dimensions. It has shown the world how to conduct biggest events on this earth by involving as many people as a country can involve. It has creative organisational skills which are still untapped by the 'outsiders'. The splendid show was watched by billions of people around the world. Many who call themselves, "I have seen the world" felt that China is not still been explored.
15000 Chinese synchronising their work together and making a pompous show requires huge time investment, practises, and not to forget $43+++ Billion investment.
The further we go the further we add events in Olympics.
Los Angles, Moscow, Soul, Atlanta, Munich, all were great venues and events but with 37 stadiums, 205 countries 302 medals it is really a biggest event on earth.
Already I have said, I know Chinese they are better in implementation of ideas with their organisation skills and grandeur they add with their people power.
3 G Dam was example now Beijing Olympics is the out come of hard work.
I have heard a Chinese worker, and engineer, an architect, and few of my friends saying I want to be part of that big event by completing my job on time. They were involved in construction of Bird's Nest Stadium.
China has shown like Japan and India, that traditional cultural values and modern technology can go hand in hand and can fetch better results than just wavering with might of only technology.
Let us watch this great event for coming 15 days.
All good things have come up as by forwarding Olympic event China has capitalised to make their coountry highly progressive and has changed the face of their major cities and other places. They have trained their 5 genrations. You might have seen 5 year old child to 70 year old athlete were involved in the event. Where as in other countries the experience was transefered only to 2 to maximum 3 generations. That's where culture plays vital role.
Almost 500 million now understand basic English language, 100 million English and French and other languages and other etiquettes aroudn the world.
You might have watch happy faces of many who visited China for Olympics, showing their hospitality.
After all, Honorable Hu Jin Tao, rightly said, "We watied for this moment for long".

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Friday, August 08, 2008

Good News for Physicist: Large Hadron Collider, at CERN will start on September 10, 2008

Good News for Physicist: Large Hadron Collider, at CERN

From horse's mouth: CERN News from CERN:

What is LHC?
What is Higg's Boson? Why it is called God particle?

About CERN:

Related matter on CERN website:

Run for Jobs at CERN:
Experts Guidance at CERN:

Other news:

Other List of News and Background on following URL:
Times topics:NYT:

Scientists produce antimatter:

Physics and Mind:
Few New Theories:

Theoretical Errors in present Physics Theories:

Machine and Mind working together:

Building black hole in the lab:
Science daily:

Fermi lab: Searching for "God Particle" = Higgs Boson:

Theory of Everything:

Lot of things would be on test on this Accelerator Hadron Collider, at CERN.

coming more.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

NASA: Research and Publication List

NASA: Research and Publication List:

Especially History Series:

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Amazing airstrips, airlines, and skills of Air line Pilots around the world

Amazing airstrips, airlines, and skills of Air line Pilots around the world:

Thanks to website:

Top 10 dangerous airstrips with reason:

Top 10 based ariports to land survey:

Most Tricky Airports to land survey:
same as top 10 dangerous airports.

Top 10 most expensive ariports:

Top class Aviation Photography: Photgraphs:

Some other websites on Aviation Photography:
Toronto Airport:

Somethings about Military Aircrafts and Space related matter:
Apollo 11 landing:
(Requires Apple iTune Downloads to play this video)
Most Exciting Airstrips, airports to land:

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

At 17 years of age he is Masters in Engineering

At 17 years of age he is Masters in Engineering

His CV:

Get inspired. Read.

Thanks to They have list of such publications:

Great contribution to societies around the world.

Importance and Limitations of Money

Importance and Limitations of Money

Master Card Advertisement: "There are some things money can't buy for everything else there is master card."

Thanks to YouTube and Master Card:

Back Back: Funky children: Being the people who understand you:
Priceless Baby:
You may bet here, musician, music, songs, and mother has direct connection with God.
Price less Elephant:
Price less Baby Panda Sneezing:
Child eating with own hands first time:
Talking to 11 years old son:

Good article by rediff:

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Ph.D. Rules and Regulations around the world

Ph.D. Rules and Regulations around the world

Delhi University: Thanks to

Some PhD guidlines on the WWW:

1. University of Toronto:

2. Oklohoma University:


List of Universities offering Ph.D.:

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Real Worth of Ph. D.

Real Worth of Ph. D.

Many of my previous generation and my generation PhD holders worked very hard to get that coveted degree. Almost, yes almost, they did every thing a gurukul student could do. Don't laugh it is a fact.

It was of my interest, hence, I had to visit 3000 organisations around the world to keep my finding accurate and to make it full of greater impact. In short it was on how to manufacture cars cheaper in India that too using Indian talent, technology and resources. No need to say, the crux of PhD was how to manufacture a car cheapest in world, in India using Indian Talent and Technologies. My external examiners asked me in and out and I was able to tell them with details as I devoted 24 X 7 X 15 years to this project. It was real joy in doing such projects of national and international importance. The reason behind it is, everybody knows that the country which can manufacture car technologies indigenously can within few years manufacture space age technologies. As Car technologies forms the basis of all those technologies.

In another case, Mother of one of my friends pursued PhD on topic, "Generation of Surnames in Maharashtra", my god, she went on to search whopping 150,000 Surnames. Above all she went on to pursue M. Phil. before her Ph.D. that too for two years. One of my friends went on to pursue classification of trees in Nagpur region, other friend in Pune region, other in Mumbai region. One of the Zoologist went to find the most abundant and the rarest species in the Jungle near Nagpur, named Navegao Bandh.

One of the Engineer, Scientists in top technological institute went on to develop an algorithm of computer and his project, which was Ph.D. Thesis as well, was just 22 pages. Naturally his evaluators asked him first question, "Only 22 pages?" One said, "My thesis was 1200 pages", other said, "Mine was 523 pages", other said, "Mine was Almost 700 pages", etc. Man, these 22 pages were so powerful, that, on each paragraph, each model, each architecture he explained them for one hour each on how it works and he show them with practical application and got his Ph.D. Hope you know all of these PhD seekers were passionate, devoted, focused and it was their mission of life and they devoted their 24 X 7 X almost 5 years for that project, for the betterment of human kind. They systematically bring out the solution on certain problem or at least put forth the details on the topic or bring out some problem and its details, so that the problem could be realized and tackled by the next generations. They follow certain methodology for studies and research, and put it in language either understood by experts of by the common man. It seems easy if you are passionate to study, work, experiment, analyze result test it again, check it practically, again refer, check back, ask seniors, write in proper format, again find out mistakes and errors, then again correct it, and then finalize it. Page by page, line by line word by word.

To tell you few, I know at least 5000 friends around the world and their hard work and topics. To add spice, I must tell you there are 120,000 aspirant Registered for PhD in China and USA in 2007, in USA, but in India the number on the same year was only/ just 5000, where as our requirement is, far too high. Just refer URL: . Ph. D. lets you know the unlimited possibilities in human life and limitations of human lives. You come to know in and out about everything you do. Sometimes many have bad feelings about the world. However, one who completes it, realizes that one could not have known the world from this much near, in breadth and depth, till he pursued the Ph. D. It's as if pursuing Ph.D. in life if you do it seriously with you soul + heart + brain + hard work + steam + coolness out. If you pursue it as a Professional Degree, you get professional experience/s combined with some life's experiences. Hence, by all means it is worth a degree. There is one experience worth sharing. Once, I wrote in my Ph.D. Thesis,..... Government of India should do this and that..... My Guide laughed at me. He said, "So you are adviser to Government of India, what is your age? Your P.M. and Finance Minster has experience of you age."Then as if some thing clicked in his mind he said, "Today, I am not well, as you know I'm suffering from high fever since 3 days and nobody is at home all have gone on Diwali holidays. Can you help me in finding some one who can pay my Electricity Monthly Bill?" In Maharashtra, there are few people who collect electric bills and cheques and pay to MSEB billing office and they it paid for this professional work. Still, I said, "Sir, I'll do it as today is the last day may be then next time onward you take professional help". I went to Maharashtra State Electricity Board (MSEB) billing office, just 500 meters away, and paid, got receipt, and came back. Then my PhD co-guide said, "Can you build that power station, which provides electricity at every house in our locality" I said, "No." He said, "Still you are advising Government of India, who takes care of one billion people." Then he laughed at me and directed me to make corrections. Thus, directly he never used "Me" or "You" or "Government" but used ONE has to do this or that or he just quoted examples like above. Such classical examples and anecdotes add value to your PhD. That is why, Ph.D. is worth a degree. You know systems, procedures, people, "duniyadari" (meaning the way the world moves/ works). To talk about PhD in Management, India needs at least 10000 PhD and implementation to make it Super Power in every respect at all the level. Take example, right now there is Credit Crisis around the world, how should India face this, could be one topic of PhD with varied sub topics. The PhD is an solution over the focused problem. Similarly how to manage business in political uncertainty could be other topic. To tell you few, in Computer Science the biggest problem faced is of Security and Privacy issue over the Internet. There is threat from Virus, from this and that bug, etc. On each threat there could be one or multiple methods and each method is a PhD topic. In Biotechnology, you tell me and there is topic on every issue. You can modify systems, procedures, and capacities of so many things and aspects that I cannot put in one sentence over here. Take example there are at least a million species in the world. To focus on human being there are 206 bones, a trillion cells, there is Central Nervous System, Artillery system, there is this and that in each there is a system, in each cell of our body there is system. You can pursue PhD to modify its function, or enhance its capacity, you can modify genome sequence you can modify a chromosome, you can modify a gene, ......unlimited possibilities. If one of the system each is taken as an inspiration for Management model then you could have developed a billion to trillion successful models. Thus, infinite possibilities are waiting for human beings but,... less people are interested in tapping those opportunities. One comes to know these things only after PhD, as in PhD you try to reach depth of everything you know.

Hence, I say it is a Great worth. Life's experience.

coming more.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,

$100 lap tops news and technology

$100 lap top news and technology

MIT : The original VISION, mission, ...pedagogy:

The Technology at present:


One lap top per child: Wikipedia:

BBC News:

BBC: Technology:

This blog:

coming more.

Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude,